IMPORTANT: Team Create doesn't save some script changes

Just spent 2 hours working without realizing most scripts weren’t saving. Not fun.

Just started happening today. Scripts don’t immediately revert and they don’t always revert, but most of my fixes today are suddenly simply not there. No one else did anything to them. The scripts are just in the same state as they were this morning.


Do you have a repro for this? We haven’t made any changes today.

I’m trying to make one using one of the scripts that was reverted

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Are these scripts regular scripts or Linked Scripts?
Are other assets reverted as well, or just the scripts?
Did every script get reverted, or just some of them?

Last night, Team Create kicked me out and didn’t save the parts I had changed and added. Just putting this out there.

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Regular scripts, I was only working with scripts so that’s the only thing that reverted. Just 2 reverted:


Were those the only scripts you changed? Or were there others that looked to be ok? From logs, it looks like you lost connection and it didn’t save. We’re investigating this issue now.

Did it crash at any point for you?

While I was in this TC session, I was also in a different TC session which was manually shut down. I doubt that’s relevant though. No crashes or lost connection on this session specifically.

I changed some other scripts, including Shop and Inventory which are under the same parent as the other 2. The other scripts weren’t affected though.

The order I did things today was:

  • Changed PlayerList
  • Changed ReplicatedStorage.Game.Gameplay
  • Changed Summary
  • Did some other stuff
  • Later, I noticed PlayerList had reverted. Checked scripts, Summary was also reverted, but Gameplay was not.

When you shut down that server deliberately, did you download a local copy on disconnect?


I don’t know if it’s the same issue, but I’ve had scripts “revert” if I edit them too soon coming out of Play Solo. I’d be trying to test my changes and it was as if I had never made them. Closing and opening the scripts revealed changes weren’t saved.

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I just found that I published a buggy version of a game because the fixes I’d made didn’t save to our team create place. Possibly related to @Corecii 's comment, I came out of play solo, immediately made a few changes, clicked publish and left.

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Just happened again in the same place. Totally normal session, nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve been in the TC server for about an hour. Changed 1 line in my GameSettings module, clicked play solo, noticed the change didn’t take place, backed out, and the change wasn’t there.

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Just had another instance of this. Opened the place, changed one string, closed it, change disappeared.

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Just realized I lost several hours of work from the other night (friday I think). Literally nothing I did that session saved (creating objects, deleting objects, and editing scripts). This is the absolute #1 worst bug that I have ever had to deal with and it needs to be fixed. This is even worse than the memory leak that makes it impossible to develop one of my games.

This time it was in this place:

The existence of this bug totally subverts my faith in every single feature in studio. There’s no way to know if my session is saving, and there’s no way to verify if my session saved anything without closing it. This bug disproves any assumption I have about how studio will behave when I do anything, because literally everything I do has a chance of just disappearing and there’s nothing I can do to predict, prevent, or recover it. It makes development on roblox not only frustrating and annoying, but ineffective and often a complete waste of time. This absolutely has to be fixed.


I experienced this just now. It’s unfortunate that even script recovery doesn’t seem to save it as well. Please get this fixed because it’s making TC unbearable as a scripter.

I have experienced this a few times before. It happened at games that weren’t owned by me. (They were owned by my friends) Both buildings and scripts didn’t update or save. After a few times, I decided to always download a local copy of the place, just in case, although I hope there is a fix soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I forgot to mention that it has not happened at any games owned by me.

I despise Team Create. Never in my life as a scripter have I had a successful use of it. It always loses my scripts, no matter what network or PC I use.

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It has been happening to me for ages as well. Not just the scripts, sometimes even what you build doesn’t save. I hope they fix it. The team create in general, right now its a mess.