Importing meshes with openings glitches

Here is an example of me floating inside a door opening in a tower and never touching it:

Anyone had problems like that with your meshes openings? Is there a way to reduce the gap?


I’m not sure quite what you mean by this, could you elaborate?

Yeah I am also confused, I think you need to do that in the modeling program if you are using one.

This is a hit-box issue.

Personally, I’d recommend making the mesh or union collisions off and making two non-unioned transparent parts either side to emulate the correct hit-box

I know there is an option to edit the hit-box within Roblox but I believe this uses a lot of memory.

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@itsokayepic and @alexthecool600, I made a tower with a door opening. I used that image to show you that my character cannot be closer to the mesh, it seems to collide before as if the opening of the door was smaller. In a previous smaller version of the door opening, I was not even able to go inside the tower.

@OverheadWires, this is one mesh, no parts. It has been resized though by a factor of 2. Here is the mesh and the faces using Meshlab.


Switch to default collision type:
MeshPart.CollisionFidelity (

I will try this and get back, thanks in advance.

No problem, hope it helps and fixes your problem

Tried it and doesn’t work. It was already set to default.

I have read that it is still an approximation, not the mesh collision for obvious reasons.

I will try to look into other solution maybe like you said, I could use two meshes where one is invisible with collision activated, but it is still twice the work.

I will keep you all posted if I find anything.

Try using Blender maybe? I am guessing your program does things different.

I believe you misread my suggestion.

I suggest you add two parts as collision walls and make the mesh collisions off.

Oh, I am sorry. I will look into it too.


It was made with Openscad. I just used Mesh lab to check if there was flaws in the design. Sometime I use thinkercad for fast and easy design.

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Try Blender and see if it works, also how are you exporting the mesh (fbx, obj, etc)?

I will try it, thank you. I am exporting the mesh as .obj.

Yeah, try using blender and also FBX too

Software and file format don’t affect hitboxes unfortunately.

What is your solution then?
I suppose your solution is great :expressionless:

Although I don’t appreciate the attitude, here is my solution.