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Hello, I am /import, also known as importly on Roblox. I have been developing on the platform for about a year or so and I have been on Roblox for around 2 years. I started scripting in Python when I was 10 and I have been scripting in other languages such as Lua, JS, Node.js, and Java ever since.

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Note: I have worked on many other projects that were not shown here because they were not best represented in a game or a video/gif or were private.

Roblox Scripting
Custom 2D multiplayer camera

This was a custom camera I made for a game kinda like Super Smash Bros. This camera moves around 2 or more players and keeps them both in frame with zero lag. This camera framework can support up to around 35 people.

(The lag you see in the video was because of my computer not being able to efficiently capture everything, you can try it out for your self by going to this game with a friend, you need at least two players to have the camera work)

Basic Money Shop With Datastore

This is a very basic money shop that saves. UI by me, I can do some UI but I am that good as others.

Basic Placement System

This is a basic placement system that can place down furniture. (It is on a grid but the grid is at 0.1)

Camera with a live feed

This was a really random thing I was going to do as a commission. The original idea was that it will be a game where you could go around and take pictures of stuff and then earn money from it. you could also upgrade your stuff too. Sadly the people who were asking for the commission didn’t like this idea.
(Video file too big)
2020-07-29 21-07-06

ManHack Half-Life Drone

This drone was something I made to get accepted into a Half-Life group. The sounds, animations, and models are not made by me.
2020-08-03 12-56-37

Roblox Games

Slapping Simulator, a simulator game where you slap people and objects.
Slapping Simulator - Roblox

Bloxy Roads, a game where you drive around with cars racing against each other.
Bloxy Roads - Roblox

Blender work

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I work on EST time, I do have school but I am mostly available.

I do take percentage payments but you will need to have a backup plan to pay me if the game fails.

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My main way for you to contact me is Discord: importly#0001.

I look forward to working with you!

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Hello I’m YOBRO12305 I recently disbanded a project of mine and @IcecoldLava_1 was my scripter and I know the project was not successful but his work is outstanding, his communication is extremely fast and thorough, if you are looking for a very good and trustworthy scripter he is the man for the job, thanks again @IcecoldLava_1 for all that you did for me you are a great dev I wish you the best and hope you are very successful in the future.

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I know importly, he is good scripter and developer, I worked with him for a lot of games, sadly they didn’t become popular, but were scripted well.


I’m really interested,sent you a friend request.

Importly is not only an outstanding Roblox developer, but he is also a great software developer outside of Roblox. He has great computer knowledge and can program in a variety of different languages. I definitely recommend you should hire him, as he is an experienced software developer.