Impossible to view Developer Stats after being added to team create

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to view an individual users’ (non-group) experience analytics/stats. Around a week after this was added, groups gained a new permission in a role’s settings for “Viewing group experience analytics”, but, experiences owned by people instead of groups never got this sort of option. Trying to view analytics on a game that you’ve been added to team create will show an error “Unable to load experience details”

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience by making it much easier to use analytics on projects I am collaborating with others on. The analytics are almost obsolete because of this, the only way to really view them is to ask whoever owns the game to screenshot every bit of data, which is an annoying extra step that still really isn’t perfect.

A fix for can be simplified into really just adding a toggle or button possibly in the manage collaborators area, it doesn’t need to be anything fancy


I ultimately need this as a developer who works on user-owned games.
A post recently talked about making adjustments to Creator Analytics, and I included the same question.

They replied by saying they’ll review the current situation, and hopefully, this means we’ll be able to see it in the near future!

I also replied to the “Allow us to freely transfer our games between groups/profiles” including my struggles as a developer for a user-owned game.

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This is still not solved. How long should we wait for the update to happen?