Reintroducing Hourly Revenue to Creator Analytics

It’s probably fake data. Roblox won’t share someone’s earnings with everyone


Hi, could you let me know which game you are talking about and we can check if there is anything wrong with your experience.
also my transaction page is revenue based on your user profile so it collects all the revenue based on your user level but not experience level so if you receive robux from more than 1 experience it won’t match.


Thanks for reporting this issue, could you let me which experience this is? So I can help check the service and see if there is anything wrong with it.


Hi just a question:

I currently work for these two experiences, I’m not able to see experience/monetization statisics because it’s owned by a user.

I used to be able to see this, and after a while that has completely changed.

Will developers under a experience on a profile be able to see this data again? We can’t exactly do much considering we cannot migrate the 2 games into one group (without losing tons of data, visits and just overall engagement).

^ I can’t even view stats like most popular device on our experience, filtered devices or even playtime and it’s very frustrating.

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Hi @devaleporbet
The reason is because your game owner does not turn on the permission for you.
We launched the group permission several months back to better help control the data access for group experiences. If you need to access the data, you can talk to the group owner to properly set up the permission for your role. For details you can check this post


Hi @friedrich1717

Thanks for the response! Although the problem is: We don’t have the experience on a group, it’s on a player’s profile.

From what I’m reading this seems to only be for those who have the experience under a group, which ours are not.

My question:
Will there be a way to give developers to an experience on a player’s profile permission. (Like being able to specifically assign a user access)

(AFAIK, currently you can only do so via group permissions)


Thanks for clarifying the question. Right now unfortunately there is no easy way to view the data if it is owned by a user. Only the user itself has the permission.
I will bring this request back to our team and see what we can improve on our permission management for analytics.


This is a good reintroduction with meaningful importance to us.

What keeps Roblox from maintaining current systems, Building the new ones in the back, and turning the switch when its ready for no system down time on our end? Temporary removals, or incomplete prototypes overriding stable releases, has been a pattern coordinating this years releases.

Thank you again.


Prison Adventure. But now Hourly Revenue is working fine


Similarly to a few others, I am just getting “request failed” on the revenue graph. For my own game not a group game.
Specifically 1786185085.


Yay! Now I get to look at even more zeros on my revenue page😁


This is the game link or here is the game id:5645306181


i wish man


It happed again with this game: Prison Adventure


Adopt Me made over 77 million USD last year so I’m not surprised.

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slay roblox we finally get this feature I have been waiting for!

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Hey, having this issue as well (Request Failed). Game is owned by a group and I am the group owner:

Game Start Place: Universal Roblox Theme Park - Roblox
GameId: 204387960

EDIT: seems to be working as of me editing this post


True that it should be private but Roblox owns every game made on their platform so in a way they can use it as “sample” information. I’m just guessing, not saying that Roblox should display that information.

Is it constantly happening or you can see the chart after a refresh?

I can see it when I using my iPhone, but on PC error is constantly happening