Improve Data Reporting - Creator Analytics System Migration

Hi Creators,

We are thrilled to announce that we are migrating our analytics dashboards to a new backend, which will improve data accuracy and enable us to offer reports to even more creators in the coming months. Over the next few days, there will be a banner on top of corresponding pages to indicate that you’re now seeing data based on our internal systems.

This change also prepares us to scale the analytics offering to almost all experiences. Along with the migration, we’ll switch to a new data source to calculate the KPIs and thus you may see minor discrepancies compared to the data before. However, we have done lots of cross-validations internally and are confident that the new data is more accurate.


Why is there a data discrepancy between the new solution and the old one?

  • We are using various data sources from our data lake to calculate the KPIs, which is more accurate than just using events on PlayFab.

  • One potential discrepancy you may see is the “New User” count. This is because we can trace back to a longer history to determine whether it’s a new or returning user. Thus, you may see a slight drop in this metric. Correspondingly, the D1/7/30 Retention will be impacted as well.

I’m using PlayFab to run custom queries. How will this impact me?

  • In the short term, both the automatically generated and custom events will be sent to PlayFab. Existing Playfab users should not notice any changes to their services.

  • We are not onboarding new experiences for PlayFab or sending custom events, but stay tuned for future announcements.

We appreciate your support and hope you will continue to leverage analytics to iterate your experiences more efficiently! Please let us know if you have any feedback.

The Creator Analytics Team


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If we’re using custom events over playfab to track things like progression funnels, in-game item purchases & etc - what are we supposed to do instead? We also use playfab quite heavily to track errors in our game & convert them into tickets in our ticket system.

Will this functionality be provided with your analytics system in the near future?


Hi @Noble_Draconian As the post mentioned above, the custom events and custom queries will still work for experiences which have used this feature before. We have logs to identify who are the recent active users.
If you want to make sure your experience will continue have the ability to do the custom query, feel free to contact DevRel and provide your experience and we will make sure your experience’s playfab access will remain the same and the custom events you set up will still land on playfab portal.


In the short term, will PlayFab become accessible to more experiences? I’d really like to leverage the use of analytics in the game I work on, but I do not have access to PlayFab at the moment.

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What will be the case with PlayFab in the long(er) term? You only say that it will continue to operate in the short term, but what about the long term?


@friedrich1717 Thanks for the response!

I’m still wondering if custom queries, error-logging and etc are planned for Roblox’s analytics dashboards? It seems like a step backwards to deprecate playfab while not providing this functionality in-house.


When should we expect to get the ability to track custom events? It’s an integral part of every game.


With the new backend can we expect the daily Robux earned to be current to the day? I hate having to wait 3 days just to see how much Robux was made. It makes it harder to see how well advertising and monetization is doing during weekends, events or holidays when it’s delayed by multiple days now compared to the old Developer Stats page. Please consider! Thanks :blush:


We definitely the needs for custom queries and are still investigating the long term solution. We’ll let you know once more details are fleshed out.


We are working on a solution to offer you more real-time revenue data, and will let everyone know through a separate announcement. Stay tuned!


Did this currently disable the analytics dashboard? I was checking it out on my 2 games and it seems to be moved out somewhere else.

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Awesome! Looking forward to see this working! Here at Voldex we are running our own data pipeline and we are excited to have this as an increment. Playfab is a great tool, but to have this natively with Roblox will be even better. You guys are amazing! Do you know if we are going to be able to connect to external tools like Tableau and/or run custom queries?

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It does not disable any experience that already has access to creator dashboard analytics.
If you still have trouble viewing it, let me know what experience is yours and we can check it for you.


10 mins before you replied and I checked that they are back. Thanks.


I love that you guys are putting more and more work towards analytics as they are super important and im sick of using third party websites like GameAnalytics to track stuff

I really hope you will bring custom events and error logs soon, and then I can basically completely get rid of GameAnalytics.


It’s unfortunate that PlayFab is being sunset with no replacement in place as I heavily rely on it for custom events and error logging. Especially since I migrated to PlayFab from GameAnalytics thinking it would be the go-to native solution and now have to either migrate back or find another analytics service yet again.

I understand this only affect new experiences but that still forces me to rewrite the framework for future creations.


Updated: Benchmarks would need to be defined in detail. I have no idea to whom/which my performace is being compared. So I always switch the benchmark off, as the graph scaling pushes my actual performance down to the bottom. As long as the benchmark is flat, it could just be shown as a number, not a line, in order not to distort the graph.