Improve framerate in games where other players have 10k+ parts affected by physics

Someone told me that by disabling CanCollide for all of the parts from the other players their creations would increase the FPS by a lot.

FPS difference recorded from a different server than the server from the video:
With Collision: 43 Avg FPS
Without Collision: 139 Avg FPS

The player was not near the creation, he stood really far away from it.

I was wondering if its possible that a physics engineer could implement this into the physics engine.
Something like when there is a networkowned part from the player is near a part which is owned by someone else, it would enable the collision and if its not near, it would disable the collision.
This would only help out in situations where there would be tons of parts affected by physics.

Right now whenever i join a popular vip server on my game, my fps goes down like crazy due to the amount of creations.

log_F25AA_microprofile_20200528-175544.html (289.4 KB)
log_F25AA_microprofile_20200528-175541.html (278.7 KB)

Here are some pictures of how big creations can get:

52000+ blocks

8200+ blocks