Improve load times for players with slower devices/internet

I have a pretty big hangout game that’s rich with mesh parts, unions, etc. Total part count I think is around 18,000.

I’m trying to optimize it to load faster to the best of my abilities. I already have streaming enabled turned on (128 minimum distance, 280 maximum) with meshes set to “streaming mesh” as well. I also have any and all unions and models that are mostly background detail set to non-cancollide, and their render-fidelity set to “performance”, but it still seems to take at least 2-3 minutes to fully load everything on an average mobile or desktop device loading in for the first time.

I do use some free models, but they’ve been checked manually by myself for viruses and backdoors, and any scripts I use have also been checked for stuff like “getfenv” or useless “while true” loops, there are none.

Anyone have some advice?

Here’s the game: Vibe Club 💜 - Roblox

This might not be a good solution, but perhaps you should try ContentLoader:PreloadAsync()

That’s more used to just prioritize content loading before the player can play. I’m using that currently as a little dialogue box to tell the player the game isn’t fully loaded but that they can still play.