Improve Locked BaseParts when clicking in the workspace

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to interact with things in the workspace with large Locked parts.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it would allow me to do things like add bounding boxes to models without making the model impossible to select and add boundaries to maps without blocking everything behind them.

For example, making it so that the mouse can be set to pass through Locked BaseParts instead of being ignored would resolve these issues. Making the mouse can be set to respect CanCollide or making the mouse respect CanCollide when Locked is enabled would also solve this problem.

The biggest use case for Locked parts is making it so that you don’t accidentally select parts you aren’t going to edit, but, it can be annoying when it actually blocks the parts you want to edit.


Speaking of lock parts, Roblox just ignore any form of input on an instance that is locked. I wish that it was easier to spot because, if I am opening a place created by anyone but myself, it becomes hard to find a locked part without having to search for it. I wish there was a outline (an orange outline) similar to when you select a part and it shows a blue outline. This way there’s a clear visual distinction without having to look in properties or in top tab menu (iirc home or model).

I think a better solution to this would be a toggle to enable or disable selecting locked parts.



I currently use a collision group with default collisions turned off for baseparts used as collision volumes so they don’t get picked up by Studio tools. This wouldn’t eliminate my need to do this (I also do this for a plugin bounding box so Studio tools cannot interfere with it), but it would remove 1/2 of my reasons for it.

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