Improve Mobile Usability

The website is nearly unusable on mobile, and if you’re a Developer on the go, that’s a big problem. My biggest grip is that I cannot check through applications to a job from my phone whilst waiting somewhere.

When in portrait mode, on the home screen. You cannot reach the area on the right to click your profile picture, and subsequently go to your page / your job posts/job applications. As well, the toggle between Find Creators and Find Jobs does not work (3 lines in the top left.) Lastly, when you bring up the filters page, you cannot close it as it obscures the filters button.

When turning the phone to landscape mode, we can now reach our profile and user find jobs/find creators effectively. Using your phone in this format however feels awkward, and the control of the website still performs somewhat clunky.

When on a job page in portrait mode, the header doesn’t work correctly which causes the text to pop out the top in a funky way when scrolling:

By far, the worst page is the Job Applications page. It’s completely unusable. In portrait mode, you cannot scroll to see their application or interact with their application at all. You can simply see the candidates.

And in portrait mode, it’s not any better. All you can see of their application is the “Open (username)'s Application” text. You cannot interact to open it, nor read their application.

All the above footage was done on an iPhone 8Plus. The Talent Hub works great on a computer, I just wish it was equally as great of an experience on mobile.


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GUI is glitching too on the PC but less

I didn’t expect someone to put it in bug reports honestly, because it’s clearly not a bug, it’s a lack of features. Oh well.