Improved Boss Battle Soundtrack

If you haven’t seen the last version, it’ll go into a little bit more detail on what this is. But it’s an envisioned 3 parts of a boss battle in a game. (Older version: Boss Battle Soundtrack)

Things I’m planning to focus on for next time:

  • Mixing
  • EQ

Let me know if you have any tips to point me in the right direction!

Listening back after a little break that is absolutely terrible never mind bahaha, kinda just went crazy with instruments and definitely focusing on mixing.


i mean, the sound is good but, it doesn’t give the intense feeling of being in a boss battle

sorry that this isn’t helpful feedback

edit: also, each part feels very short, so when it loops over and over you kinda get tired of it (my opinion)


I like it, but in terms of being a boss battle I agree with the previous reply. The whole song seems more like the intro to the boss battle song than the actual song, or maybe the area the boss is located in, but not the direct fight.

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The backing harmonies create a nice dissonance but sometimes that dissonance is a bit overwhelming and draws attention away. It should be a little bit more subtle but still present. A single synth for the dissonance may be sufficient enough rather than having complete diminished chords over another chord.
As for the main melody, I’ve already mentioned my thoughts on that in the previous post! Not sure if you were going to go back and edit it or not but I believe that adding some contrast & new themes to the melody will help the song out a lot.

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Although it does sound good, this sound track belongs in a high-speed race…Not a boss battle. At least that is my opinion of it.

I agree with this also, and theirs a annoying loop for it that also as ChouibeGamer says that doesn’t make this give boss battle vibes

Yeah I can most definitely hear that! Brilliant I’m just gonna run with that now, the area.