Improved Studio updates and restarts

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to manage Studio updates without disrupting workflows with multiple instances of Studio open.

The current behaviour is to check for updates when a new instance of Studio opens, and if an update is found, all other instances of Studio are closed and the update is installed. Upon opening the new instance of Studio after the update, the other instances are lost and must be manually restored.

This is extremely annoying as often I have dozens of instances of Studio open at any given moment and updates are very frequent. While it’s good that we get new updates and features regularly, it’s not good that all of my instances close down right in the middle of a development session; it instantly pulls me out of my regular development flow.

To help address this issue, I propose the following solution:

It would be much less painful to update if everything was as you left it after an update. This could also apply to Studio restarts in general, meaning that we can jump right back into working on our projects rather than having to reopen and rearrange all of the extra instances by hand.

This behaviour is already found in a lot of modern software, for example when updating or restarting Visual Studio Code, all files and tabs are exactly the same before and after. While it may not be feasible or possible to make all Studio instances persist in the same way, at least reopening the instances would already address most of the issue.

I’ve already seen many people complain about the current update system, so I thought I’d post a bit more of a constructive feature suggestion with some potential solutions :slightly_smiling_face:

(definitely not written after being disrupted by a Studio update again :stuck_out_tongue:)


I think the issue may be that Roblox Studio seems to completely reinstall itself after every update, but it probably could still save the open projects/windows you had before, which would be amazing. I think that Roblox Studio shouldn’t close immediately, and give a warning saying that you must close all instances instead. I don’t know why anyone would double click the Roblox Studio icon to launch it if it’s already running. Maybe if there is an update Roblox Studio should notify you that there’s an update available and you should close it to update similar to a lot of software.

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