Improved teleport server system

When me and my friend tries to debug the game, we are teleported to same placeid:

But we’re always put in separate servers.

I know this is probably some optimization technique but could someone look into this? It happens way to often. When I shutdown the game, everybody rejoins but Im always placed in a separate server where I’m completely alone.

Would be great if this was improved! :slight_smile:


Roblox sometimes puts players in different servers to balance ping. That’s likely what a going on here. Could you use reserved servers? They are a lot more reliable now.

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I suspected that was a thing!
Altho it still shouldn’t do that when there’s only 1 server available imo.

I haven’t looked into reserved servers but I’ll sure read up on it!

Happens all the time.

Please don’t create one server per player, not where there are empty servers waiting for players.

EDIT: Seriously?

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I’ve always thought it would be cool if we could have some sort of manual setting to mark servers as “Waiting for Players” so Roblox could send joining players to those servers instead of servers that already have plenty.

I think reserved servers might be the only way to go after all…

I get tons of players who are forced to wait for full servers to open up and the rest are put in empty servers.
This auto creation system of servers is really just terrible.