Improved Water with the Shorelines Beta

Works like a charm in Prior Extinction. Small dinosaurs can now enter and leave the water smoothly. Thanks!
Only took 2 months. :joy:


Hey, we already have grass wind. I’m not sure how long its been a feature, but its here.

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Multi color terrain please. The ability to change the color of a roblox material before applying it. This way we can have different enviorments in our game with different color grass and stuff.


Seems like trying to Erode, Grow, Add, Subtract, Paint and the Region tools are having issues with artifacts left from using the Shorelines Beta.
Ever since I enabled this and used it I’ve had issues with ‘extra’ water edges created at many depths underneath the Water surface level. These are locations that should not be affected since Water and the seabed Material underneath it should just meet without the Shoreline effect occuring.
I’ve included a video of the artifacts. I can’t use any of the above tools to remove or replace the double sided flat surfaces shown.
Terrain artifacts.wmv (2.2 MB)


@Scottifly can you please send the excerpt of the placefile with this artifact?

I managed to fix that spot up a bit, but I’ve deleted all my builds on the Terrain and put red Wedges showing issue areas.

If you try to use the Terrain Sculpt tool set to Subtract, Base Size 2, spherical, Strength 1, Pivot Position Center, Ignore water and try to sculpt some of the areas pointed out by the Wedges you’ll see the issues. Some sections will start to erode, but then they stop completely at certain points.

I created the place a while ago and when the shorelines beta update occurred I jumped at the chance to use it. As soon as I did I got the “gaps appearing in the terrain when the camera was a long way away” issue that was fixed soon after.

The other thing I noticed was a whole bunch of slivers of Water created underneath the terrain which I’ve pointed out with more Wedges. In some cases they are visible from a distance when you move the camera under the solid Terrain but when you get closer they disappear. In other places they are just a single pane of Water. These areas can also cause issues when you try to use the Sculpt tool (or Erode or Grow tools previously).
In one section I actually used the Fill tool to create a block of Granite so I could attempt to remove the water completely under the surface. When I used the Erode tool (before the updated tools came out) it would only affect just the edges of the block of Granite. It wouldn’t Erode no matter what I did, unless I cranked the Erode tool diameter to huge amounts.

Seems to me that when you use the Shorelines beta it shouldn’t create all the slivers since below the water’s surface since there isn’t the ‘overlap’ that’s caused where the shore Water runs into the solid Terrain.
Terrain artifacts with water sand granite issues.rbxl (641.6 KB)


Hello Creators!

All critical Shorelines bugs that were reported to us up to now are fixed! :tada:
We are still working through a Terrain tooling issue related to Shorelines at the moment. Thanks for sharing your experience with Shorelines so we can make it better :ocean: .

We are moving Shorelines to Beta Opt-out, which means that everyone will get the UI to upgrade their places with Shorelines enabled by default (it will not execute the upgrade for you though, you still have to choose to proceed with the upgrade). As previously, the upgrade can be completed directly through the Shorelines pop-up or through the Terrain Editor menu. The pop-up can be disabled with the “Do not ask me again” checkbox. You can find more details in the announcement post.

:warning:The same warnings are in place.

Finally we’ve also updated all our templates to use Shorelines. If you create a new placefile from one of Roblox’s Studio templates, those places will already be upgraded with Shorelines.

If you meet any new issues with Shorelines, please let us know!


This is amazing, while I see this as a bonus, where finally no more edgy, weird or sharp hill connections with the water terrain are, that made it also really tight and messy to swim in. I’ll be definitely taking a look at this, especially now, that most of the bugs have been fixed. Gonna become handy well. :slight_smile:

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So this update is in production and can be used now? Sorry if this is obvious just didn’t find a clear yes or no in the text.

Upgraded thinking it was fine. Now the floaty physics that are on top of the water inside a pool is all shaky and weird. Too much progress to revert back, so :grinning: that’s just great, an issue I can’t fix!

If it helps, I used a part to terrain tool to get the water back in the old position, since upgrading moved it down… I’ll try using the terrain tool later

Edit: only the part to terrain water has this issue. I don’t remember if it had this issue before or if I used it before, but I figure I must’ve? I’ll use it for now, though it means I’ll either have to make my pool emptier (not happening), or almost precisely aligned with the top of the pool (which might actually look cooler? Maybe I could add drains to the side)

@EthanDSYT If you can still reproduce the issue, can you please provide a simplified placefile with only that part (the pool?) where the issue is visible? If the issue is with the upgrade, send the version before the upgrade. Thanks!

@Shirovian yes, it is officially in production. But of course, please apply caution as with all new things. I.e. back up the old version before the upgrade, etc - just in case.


I very much love this feature! I do hope we can get some improvements such as seafoam or some cooler, less simple waves!

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Coming back to the issue with WriteVoxels, are there any recommended strategies for using ReadVoxels to encode terrain with the upgraded shorelines?

I’m working on a project that serializes terrain data from ReadVoxels and restores it with WriteVoxels. Given that the shorelines rely on a single cell containing water and some other material, is there any way to get the original water data through ReadVoxels? Or do we need to do some kind of more sophisticated reconstruction of waterlines based on water levels?


You are correct, there is no way to read the water occupancy at the moment. I will see if something can be done about it. Thanks for the heads-up.


Thanks! It isn’t super important as I think TerrainRegions will encode the data properly in a way that can be persisted to a model and restored, but would be nice to have that eventually.

Hey! I’m trying to create a game and I’ve enabled the beta feature (restarted studio) but the ‘Upgrade Shoreline’ button isn’t showing up and the water is looking… not very great. See the images for reference. If you know what could help me, thanks! (or I will start a new topic)


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I think it’s now part of the regular features, despite still having the option in the Beta Features section.

I never checked that button and some of my recent terrains have upgraded shorelines while older terrains do not. My Roblox Studio did update just a day or so ago.

Roblox Programmers, is this correct? Is Upgraded Shorelines now on by default?


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What tools did you use to create this terrain?

Yes. Any newly created terrain will have the new shorelines automatically (because all the templates have them enabled now).

The button will only appear on existing experiences that haven’t been upgraded yet. New ones don’t need upgrading (as mentioned above).

I used the paint tool and smoothing tool. Does it not work with that? (Sorry for the late reply)