Improved Water with the Shorelines Beta

What tools did you use to create this terrain?

Yes. Any newly created terrain will have the new shorelines automatically (because all the templates have them enabled now).

The button will only appear on existing experiences that haven’t been upgraded yet. New ones don’t need upgrading (as mentioned above).

I used the paint tool and smoothing tool. Does it not work with that? (Sorry for the late reply)

That’s interesting. I don’t understand how/why did it generate such consistent overhangs at the shores. Can you send an example placefile with this artifact?

Hallow-s-Eve-2023-14.rbxl (5.2 MB)
This place contains the weird water. It happens when some hills go into a lake.
I also tried using the smooth tool again, and it fixes the terrain but only in some areas.

Interesting… so, if I get this correctly, you can cause this by using the Smooth tool with “Ignore Water” enabled, near a shoreline. It makes the ground overhang the water. Correct?

Yes, thats correct, the smooth tool + ignore water creates this terrain.

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Excellent, thanks for the clarification!

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Been loving this update ever since it came out, but one small bug

Water in caves will create water planes right above the terrain, creating a really ugly look when trying to work on them, is there way to hide these artifacts?

@Wertyhappy27 can you please provide a small rbxl file with one such example? Thanks!

TerrainJank.rbxl (108.3 KB)

Hard to recreate exactly how i did it, mostly seems to happen if you do the caves before the main body of water, as in you fill all of the area with water after you carve out the caves.
Cant see it out of bounds, but does mean the engine needs to render unneeded geometry if it does happen to be seen.

Hm, not sure what you mean. I don’t see any water planes above the terrain. This is how it looks to me:

Am I missing some steps?

Never had the chance to comment on this but Its amazing, I have always hated roblox water for this one reason and now its fixed. I just hope later down the line we get the ability to build terrain in smaller areas so I wont need to do hide the issues with bricks (cant make it any closer or it will connect to the other side even on the smallest setting)

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under the terrain there are caves, those have the issue

Has there been any update on the ability to read voxels for water?

Also is it to be looked into, the having to write water in a separate step from the rest of the terrain?
Or is that just how its always going to be?

Slightly off topic, has anyone ever discussed removing water from terrain altogether, or if not that, allowing water to be a material for parts to where a part can have the water visual and physics effects if you are within its region?