Improved Water with the Shorelines Beta

Hi! I can see it’s live already, but there is a bug :slight_smile:

In one of my games, water disappears under a nearby seafloor part when it gets further away. The “ocean” in this part of the game is large and shallow, as players can wade out very deep.

To recreate the effect, place a “Sea floor” part about 2 studs under the surface of some water.

I thought I could just move the seafloor part further down, but this is not the case. I had to move it three studs down before the problem went away… which causes some gameplay issues…

What depth it was…

What depth it needs to be to render correctly…


Thank you, it’s here! This is 100% needed



I can’t wait to actually use water now. I never used it before because the jagged edges always ruined everything.


This is so needed. Especially the ability to customize certain bodies of water , so they don’t all look the same.


Why were voxels were used instead of BRep? You’re missing a lot of the precision that would smooth this out & subsequently other stuff as well. It would be interesting if this was a hybrid of the two.


I’ve been waiting to see some changes to water terrain for a while. It is the one thing that feels left out with all the improvements to lighting and other terrain. Good to see a step in the right direction and hopefully there will be more improvements in the future! Good update.

I think this could be another improvement to add to this update ^


Thank you for this amazing update, it sure helps with having prettier water sources in our games, are there any plans on getting us a function to get the height in water?, be it with raycast (preferably) or some other method so we can animate boats and other stuff based off the wave heights?


I expect this to be difficult, but Roblox is challenging


It’s hard for us because we are clueless of the math that goes into this, but the big boys up there would have no problem making it.


Thanks for this update! It will improve the aesthetics of my game a lot!

The sad part is, the engine doesn’t offer a WaterMaterial or a WaterBlock, making oceans use a lot of memory and I cannot even manipulate water terrain to move it around smoothly.

Link: Water Block Addition (Please)

I believe a water block would have literally removed a lot of the complaints about this specific water issue. You would just place a block and it wouldn’t look edgy, but whatever, I welcome this update! :smiley:


It is possible with a Custom Water Engine using beams to simulate the “foam effect” I will have to try this.


Humanoid swim state detection could use some tweaks after this update.

EDIT: And apparently so could the underwater effect detection, actually.


I am 40 years old and I have memorized everything in mathematics, even my son


There’s a beta feature coming soon called “smooth voxels” that fixes this.


How do u know about that :skull::skull:???


This was long overdue, I’m glad we finally got this now!


Because I have superpowers. I’m psychic.

I know how to read text files.


That’s quite the bold statement, memorizing and implementing are two different things. Here’s a smart fella that did it, i am sure roblox can do the same.


I can’t help but feel like it’s a mistake that the existing terrain has to be “processed” for this to work. I was expecting this feature to just retroactively work on existing terrain without the need for a tool to update voxel occupancies (or whatever it’s doing) for it to work.

I understand the upside to this approach is that the existing broken shorelines can stay broken until the developer decides to fix them with this new tool. But since the existing shorelines were already broken to begin with I don’t think anyone really minds if their existing terrain gets automatically fixed.

Also the process for creating a shoreline (not even a smooth one) is still a pain.
Here’s how using the fill tool alters the occupancy of nearby voxels it shouldn’t be.

The replace tool and the sea level tool provides better results than the fill tool because it doesn’t alter the occupancy of nearby voxels like the fill tool does. But the issue with these tools are that the handles are massive and you can’t resize the affected region voxel by voxel like you can with the fill tool.

Incredibly shallow shoreline created with sea level / replace tool.

But sometimes the generated shoreline may not connect smoothly (due to height or slope angle it looks like).

It would be nice if we could select a region and use the shoreline processing tool multiple times instead of just once across the entire map. Though not processing anything to begin with would be better.

How are you creating the water? My testing with Terrain:FillBlock() seems to create smooth shorelines properly.


Finally, i don’t have to use part as a water again.