Improving Terrain Water

Terrain water has come a long way since it was first added to Roblox, and the steps Roblox has been taking to continue to implement things like reflections and non-tiling waves, but as a developer who has been using terrain water in his games for a very long time and has a lot of experience utilizing terrain water in fun and unique ways, there’s still some serious changes that need to be addressed with water before water can be a truly great way to add liquids to a game.

Allow developers to customize underwater fog
The newest version of terrain water is certainly very pretty when viewed from outside of the water, but once you dive in and swim around in it, your view becomes very dark and murky, and it doesn’t complement the pure, clean look of the water from outside. To addres this, allow players to change the intensity of underwater fog the same way they can with above-ground fog. Properties like distance and color would be really important additions to the system that would allow swimming to be a far more interesting way for players to explore Roblox games.

Waterfalls & Rapids
These were present in the first version of terrain water, back when the water was just flat cubes with animated textures, but since terrain water has been changed up to look better over the years, this aspect has been removed, making the sides of terrain water pieces to look like weird floaty goop. To add waterfalls back to Roblox, the solution should be that when a player creates a current in terrain water, dragging downwards on terrain water will make the water flow in that direction, making things look less goopy and more watery, which is always a good change. In fact, not only will this make waterfalls look great, it’ll also make things like rapids and waterslides look WAY better than they currently do.


Really it’d be nice if we could have the water’s effect on a normal non-terrain block. Since it currently has to eat the terrain its arround to be added in. throw in some transparancy and BOOM useful water.