Improving your scripting skills by teaching yourself

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Something I see a lot, is that often times people who are new to scripting, and are just getting into it, and want to learn it, sometimes have a hard time progressing at first without someone to help push them forward a bit. I think that the first little bit is the absolute hardest part of learning to script, and so, I’d like to try and suggest some of the ways new scripters can learn completely on their own. Scripting can be super fun, sort of like a puzzle, its not something that requires you to be super smart to do.

One of the things I see people struggle with a lot when they first start trying to learn, is finding out how to do something rather than figuring out what to do at all. “How do I X.” For example, something I recently was asked, was “How do I use Terrain in Roblox?”

Questions like these can usually be answered by using Google. And trust me, every. Single. Developer. Needs to ask for help or look things up sometimes. I am constantly Googling and searching the devhub. It’s absolutely, undeniably impossible to know everything about scripting, and, often times I end up learning new things all the time simply because I didn’t know how to do something already.

What often helps when you Google information is making sure you use specific keywords, like Roblox, scripting, etc. For example, “How do I use Terrain in Roblox?” could end up with different things that aren’t scripting related, and scripting is what you’re looking for, so, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, try being more specific, for example, “How do I script Terrain in Roblox?” When Googling this, the first result is an article on the devhub about scripting with Terrain. Figuring out what to Google is sometimes a bit hard, and, often times it just takes adjustment. You start naturally figuring out how to be more specific.

You’ve likely already heard a lot of that a million times, but, I think one of the important things that gets overlooked is that Google sometimes can’t always give you what you wanted. The really important thing about Googling things, is, it helps you learn about the topics you’re interested in even if it doesn’t actually solve your issue. And this is one of the main things I really feel needs to be emphasized more. Failing to do the thing you originally intended to isn’t failing at all!

If you have a goal, like “I want to make X”, don’t be too afraid to get distracted from your original goal when you’re learning. If you can’t find out how to do the thing you want to do, that’s okay! One of the biggest turning points when I started learning to script was when I started looking at what other people will do to fix their problems. Sometimes, I’d encounter problems and I’d look for answers, and, maybe I got what I was looking for, but maybe I didn’t. But, the thing that really helped me was, when I didn’t get what I was looking for, look at what I did get anyway, and, try and understand what I was reading even if I didn’t feel like I understood it at all. Look at what people have to say about it. Sometimes it can give you useful information on a problem you might encounter later, and sometimes it can help you reach your goal indirectly. Sometimes I have started projects and been absolutely stumped on how to do what I wanted, and I’d come back a month later and I’d be able to do it exactly how I had wanted simply because of the stuff I picked up along the way.

Lastly, search for what you’re interested in, but still look at what you aren;t. If you have even the smallest or largest ideas, see what you can do with them. Try to make them on your own, and search for the things you don’t understand. If you get stuck, take a break, or ask a question.

The absolute, most useful tool for learning to script on Roblox is the devhub, because it in a way has literally everything you can do in Roblox within it. Google can help you find the things on the devhub that can help you to accomplish your goals, and the devhub gives you every detail you might ever need. If you’re trying to learn how to script Terrain, read into some of the things that Terrain can do on its devhub page. If you’re trying to figure out how to get the name of a Player, look at the other things that a Player object can do too. You don’t have to look at everything but, sometimes just seeing the names and knowing they are there can be enough to help you in the future. Sometimes something catches your eye because it sounds cool, and, its perfectly okay to look at it, maybe play with it a bit and see how it works.


I agree with you a lot, first time starting to script is very difficult and honestly it’s confusing in where do you need to go, what things you need to know, very nice tutorial well done


The part about taking a break is very true, sometimes I get stuck on a particular script because it didn’t function the way I wanted but when I took a break I was able to realize better how to modify the script which bought me great satisfaction in the end.

I’m wanting to get into scripting and I think i’m just going to spend tomorrow reading almost all of the devhub and watching tutorials as I have a basic understanding of scripts and can read over code, I just have no clue about writing one, how to write one to get what I want out of a game.

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though im not a scripter, this is still true for translating or building. sometimes, when ur stuck on lets say… a difficult Japanese Kanji phrase (thats my main translating language). take a break. take five minutes, walk to a park, breathe fresh air, listen to calm music. relax. just chill. once ur done and completely chilled. i tried to work on the phrase again. what do you know, i managed it!

Thank you for this post, it motivates me to go even further in scripting. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Whoops sorry for replying 5 months later lol.

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