Impulsive Studios [300K+ members] is hiring a scripter! (70K-90K Robux)

NEW Simulator Scripter

About Us

Hey we are impulsive studios the team behind smacking simulator, and some future hits in the making!
We are under the BAM Games Franchise!

You can play the game here and check out our groups:

About The Job

We are looking for someone who can help script our newest simulator game, this is in the style of bomb sim and pet simulator, it has already been partly scripted by our old scripter who quit to work for a bigger studio. All building,models,animations and ui’s are already in place so we are just looking for someone to just finish it off and hopefully stay on to do updates for the game!

if you don’t think you are able to script a simulator in the style of bomb sim or pet simulator do not apply please


We will be looking to pay around 70,000-90,000 robux for this and the updates after will be paid by a task basis depending on what work was done!

Contact Us

Contact us using dev forums or twitter


Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hey I’d love to apply for the position, my Discord is SpicyHoney#3619, I’m a scripter with 6 years of experience! I’ll send a some previous work on discord.

Hey Aatlxs_Dev,

Super interested in this position, would love to chat more!
Sent my work in DevForums DMs, thanks for the opportunity.

Thanks in advance,

Hello, I am very interested. Here is my portfolio!

My Discord is Morgan.#4063


Hello! Would like to apply.
My discord user is XDvvvDX#5917.

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Sent a friend request on Discord, Evo#1515 . Portfolio: [CLOSED] Experienced Lua Programmer


I am Interested, please DM me via the discord.

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I am very interested, sent a friend request on discord - aidan.x#5401

Send a request from @Tom#2621. I look forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

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I dont see u anywhere.

Sent a message back to you on DevForums.

Hey are you looking for any builders to contribute? If so, here is my portofolio, let me know!

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This seems a great developer opportunity. Good luck applying everyone! I wish you luck and hope you got accepted. :smiley:

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Hey! Very interested.
Portfolio : [CLOSED] Experienced Programmer | BadlyDev's Portfolio
Discord: BadlyDev#0001

Thanks for reading :smiley:

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I dmed you, my discord is Memories#9927

This is still open the person we were looking at dropped out due to lack of time, please feel free to keep applying!

Alright, I might take the position if possible. I have some time to spare.
My discord is Sezei#3061

Heya! My discord is ValcanBlizzard#7842

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