In larger places, Play Solo is unusable in Studio after using it once and causes AutoSave to fail

There is a critical issue in Roblox Studio that has been happening to both me and the rest of the developers on my development team. Everytime after we use the Play Solo feature once (it works the first time), when we try using it again, it fails to load and we either get the error “bad allocation” or “Serializer::load cannot read header”. Previous posts about the error “bad allocation” points to an issue with memory allocation due to Studio being a 32-bit program, but there is no explanation for the second error. This happens 100% of the time, and we have also noticed that auto-saving fails to work after we run Play Solo for the first time, even before we get the “bad allocation” or “serializer” errors, which could cause us to lose progress on our game. This is the game in specific where it happens: It is a developer site that we develop out before we push out updates to the main game, This error is making it almost impossible to script the game mechanics because we can not play test to make sure our scripting works properly. This bug started happening about a week ago, and has been a problem since.

To reproduce this bug, simply go on a large place such as then use Play Solo once, then attempt to use it again.

Here is a video of the bug in action:

This issue is forcing us to halt scripting development on our game.


Same bug is now happening to me 3 Years later, how did it turn out for you? did something solve it? did you have to drop everything?

Play Solo was removed in a recent update (the F6 play solo, which made a new window pop up and let you edit code while playing).

I Thought “Play Solo” was referring to the “Play” button, but anyways, Just had the same thing, but with the Play Button.

Almost the same “2nd Play Crash” (in my case was when trying to Stop after the 2nd play), same “cannot read header” corrupted autosaves and all.

Just fixed it by reverting for an older autosave then pasting the entire game into the older save, and… it seems like it’s fixed, can’t know for sure tho, will see for how long it’ll last.

weird bug.