In need of help on how to change the Intensity/brightness of a Neon Material Part

Help will be appreciated, thank you.


I’ve been wondering this too. I hope there’s a way to change it.


You can try adding the ‘bloom’ feature. (For lighting)
Or you could try making the neon part darker. (Such as moving the color from 255,255,255 to 100,100,100)


Nope… doesn’t work :confused:

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Which one doesn’t work? The changing color or adding bloom?

Making the color darker reduces the amount of light emmission and using bloom and changing it’s intensity works too I think. But bloom changes the emission of every neon part in the game and changing the color only effects one or two parts or as many as you want.

Both of them don’t work.

You must’ve done something wrong because these 2 are the methods everyone uses.
Did you put the Bloom into lighting and did you edit the properties?
Which colours did you use to make it brighter?


Thanks, now that you said it properly on how to do it, it worked.
Tysm :slight_smile:

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there is a easier way to change neon materials transparency wich can be used at different sizes on different parts. You just need to lower the transparency of the part and the brightness of the neon part will start getting lower. I suggest you use this method for it.

this is the best method. I recommend using this instead of bloom since you can set the intensity of neon part differently from eachother