In need of tutor in scripting

Hello, I’m Skeleton! I’m a scripter who really wants to improve their knowledge of scripting. I’ve been teaching myself for a while and nothing seems to help me improve :frowning: I’m currently broke right now so I guess this seems reasonable. Please consider this
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This isn’t the place to ask for tutoring, we help with the errors that you receive in your code. If you want to learn to code, there are numerous tutorials out there. You just need to find it.

If you are wanting to make a collaboration with someone you should use #collaboration instead since this is for helping players debug code. If you are trying to learn more about coding you should check out #resources:community-resources as you can usually find some resources about various parts of Lua to learn for making a game. Click here to look over one I found that should be useful.

And when you’re stuck with some code you have written come back here and we will gladly help.

Ive tried everything but they never help me improve :frowning:

If you want help, you need to be more specific. What are you trying to improve in specifically (tables, functions, loops, etc.)? Are you looking for help in simply doing or do you want feedback on existing scripts to optimize them?

You need to dive in. We can’t help you with that. It’s on you to learn to code.

Well basically everything(30 characters)

I’m a beginner scripter. If you want a recommendation for a youtube tutorial, watch alvinblox He has a ton of tutorial vids.

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I do watch his videos but like i said nothing seems to help

Just keep trying random tutorials you are interested in, and follow the directions. Eventually you’ll find it fun and want to learn more.

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some of then dont work (30 characters)

One of the best tips I have for new developers is to find something that they want to create - something like a system in your favorite game. For example, you could try to replicate a shop menu and do all of the functions that come with it.

Over time, you will learn to create your own ideas (if you haven’t already!) and think about ways to go about those ideas. When you get these ideas, you can then try to create them using creative ways in coding! This will ultimately be what drives your education and your success in coding.

Keep in mind, however, success can’t always come without bugs along the way. Take each bug like a chance to learn and gain more information from them. Never give up and keep on persevering, I have faith that you will become a great scripter! :slight_smile:

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Thank you this for the suggestion

Im intrested do you have discord?

Not only has this question been asked several times and you could use those threads as ideas of where appropriate venues would be to go to for this, but it’s not in the right category either. Please use the support categories only for asking about specific problems you’re facing with your projects.