In response to Developer’s Feedback on Developer Exchange

Hey developers,

We appreciate your continued sharing of concerns and feedback regarding the Developer Exchange program. We’re posting to assure everyone that we haven’t forgotten about the community concerns regarding this topic and that Roblox is still researching new ways to increase the portion of our revenue that goes towards developers. Unfortunately, this isn’t a one-step process or a problem with a simple solution, but we are gradually taking steps towards our goal of increasing the portion that goes towards developers. We will also be addressing this issue at RDC2019 in just a few weeks, so stay tuned for more news there.

Developer Relations


Thank you once again for your efforts to do what may be in the best interest for the developer community


While this is good news, with the current raise of robux prices, even raising the rate to 4.5$/1k would be the same as the previous 3.5$/1k with old robux prices.

Currently devs are losing up to 26% with the new robux prices, and merely raising devex rates to 4.5 would only be going to the old rate.

This should be something to keep in mind.

Edit: This chart is for BC robux buyers, NBC has no significant change


This is definitely an important point to consider. Much like an employer raising an employee’s salary by 3% to match inflation, raising DevEx rates to $4.50/1K isn’t actually a change in the percentage of earnings that developers will make.


Fixating and changing an employee’s salary is not as easy to just rising DevEx rates to the same rate that it takes to reach break even, what Roblox’s team are trying to state is that it requires a wider financial adaption, rather than just stating things they should do according to basic facts which they have (most probably) already considered, referring to basic economic understanding such as inflation (cc @DevSpec) is something DevRel need to look into, earnings which they make won’t be as much difference, BUT, could if the company looks to reward developers more, they should consider taking a smaller profit margin as a benefit to their company.


This is good to hear that it’ll be addressed to us upfront, and I hope to see what happens then. Thank you for keeping us updated, this is definitely good to hear!


Very, very pleased with the quick reply! Thank you so much!

Please keep us informed!!!

I’m hoping if DevEx rates raise to 4.5 to match, they don’t require robux to be earned after that exchange rate raise for it to be valid for the 4.5.


With the increase in robux prices we are getting less money, is this going to be addressed?

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This will most likely be the case, it’s been stated before that they do the old robux vs new robux system to discourage hoarding robux before an expected payout increase.
Edit: To clarify, I think current robux will not be able to be exchanged at a higher value

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I understand when it used to be “Roblox is giving us more money, yay!” However they increased the cost of robux, this is basically just adjusting to match what it was before, it shouldn’t be seen as a rate increase.


Noooooo D:

I just submitted my Dev-Ex D:

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While i appreciate the data, and comparisons. One thing devs need to take into account is the cost of other games that don’t pay for themselves (games without monetization for example), free team create, free website usage, etc. I don’t think they’re accounted for in the OP.


When making this decision, I think it is important to not only think about the direct impacts, but also the indirect ones. This would raise game quality because developers would have more of a “budget” to work with to hire more team members or just focus more on quality.

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When the DevEx rates increased previously, Robux earned before a certain date were exchanged at the previous rate, I can only imagine this would happen again.


Why invest more into the game to make more money when you can invest less and make the same returns? In order to truly incentivize quality you can’t just give more money for what people are already doing.


That’s probably already included in:


Some developers may keep the same habits, but it makes it easier to create quality games if you want to invest that. Having a higher quality game will definitely encourage more to play, even if it doesn’t completely determine the popularity.


Thanks for the quick reply! I hope a solution is found soon

Im fairly certain this would be the case (if the solution is raising exchange rates, there may be a totally different solution coming). Last raise, robux earned prior to the increase was still exchanged at the old value.