In response to Developer’s Feedback on Developer Exchange

After hearing lots of different views (over 70 by now), will it be likely that Roblox will increase the Dev Ex rate? When Roblox increased the Dev Ex rate before, the robux earned before the change could not be cashed out w/ the new rate, so waiting to increase would affect a lot of devs I am assuming.

Doubt it. It’s possible that they do a price hike for all mobile purchases by 142% or so, which would mean they’d eliminate losses from fees to app stores…

It has been over a month now - just a little info would be nice.

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What about the tax put on transactions?


I’ve released a more complete reply to this post…
The big problem for me are the numbers in your response, without saying it you make it seem like Developers get ~25% of what Roblox gets, which is inaccurate in my opinion.

I noticed the price of Robux just got raised. I’m glad I bought mine yesterday. I hope that this raise in price is the first step toward giving developers more of the money that their games generate.

Except I don’t know that’s the case; the costs for app stores scale with price, for instance

They haven’t addressed the rumors concerning premium yet. And they started fiddling around with the price of Robux as well as removing an option altogether. I doubt this is the end to these changes but until they address premium and what it is I doubt we can even be hopeful in them giving developers more percentage.

This could likely be the start to that big picture. But, until they give a statement it’s all speculation.


Wait, what is premium? I know the cost of robux was only raised by like 4 cents, but I was mainly referring to how the builders club bonus is a lot less now. Before the change, you could get 4,500 robux with 1,500 extra if you had BC, now the 4,500 tier only gives 450 extra if you have BC.

I think everyone is asking what premium is. And no one knows. Until they decide to say something about it.

I have to say that the Marketplace fee is a problem that needs to be addressed.
The fact that you can’t (easily?) find documentation that says anything about the percentages (and the Buy BC to Lower the Tax) is something that just stinks.
I hope @Roblox starts being honest about ‘Never charge the Developer’.
It’s just not true.
(Unless you make free games without certain features! But that’s almost an Industry Standard now.)


Considering is no-longer VP of Developer Relations (see the lack of admin badge and page), this could be a sign that whoever takes the role next is more willing to improve DevEx?

I think that’s oversimplifying the situation a bit – all DevRel members are always trying to improve the developer experience within feasibility, and decisions related to DevEx affect the entire company and so are not just made / cannot just be driven by one VP.


I almost finished my first game and out of curiosity checked if I could make few extra pounds from it. I could not believe my eyes. The amount of taxes (cause you can not call them anything else) is just ridiculous. OBC, 30%, sounds, achivements, videos charges and then come those evil tiers. They obviously want you to spend your robux instead and keep on shaving off that 30% (or 90%!!!). Casinos have better exchange rates! The thing is if you are good enough to make a game, in which people are willing to buy anything, you are probably too old to re-spend your robux. I would never even consider to even try make money from my games on this platform, the risk of loosing my time is way too big. It is no wonder roblox is struggling financially, they successfully scare of content creators. Laffer curve anyone?


I’m sorry if this is a bit off topic, but I recently noticed a price hike for R$ on the Roblox website.
I was looking around and so far have found no announcement on this from Roblox.
Has this been a thing already that I was unaware of? Also has the dev-exchange rate changed because of this?

Edit: I realize it might have just been a quantity change, not a price hike. Does anyone know the reason for this? Did the cost of R$ increase at all?

Thanks, Cruizer_Snowman

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I’m honestly just saving all my robux right now because I have a really good feeling that rates are going to increase around the DevConference. Right now I have a couple million saved up so I’m hoping my gut feeling is correct :hear_no_evil:

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The last time that happened they converted all already-earned R$ out at the old rate, so that will probably happen again the exact same way. There’s no point saving up for a better rate.

(see: The Robux exchange rate and monthly cash out limit is increasing!)


:clown_face: nvm looks like I clowned myself. Thanks for reminding me.

The prices were changed by a few cents and they took away the 200 dollar option, but what I noticed was the change in BC bonus for buying Robux. Before, you could get 1,500 extra Robux for the 4,500 Robux tier (for 6,000 total) if you had BC or bought BC with it, but now you can only get 4,950 total. The BC bonus was changed for every tier.

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I still find myself with a sour taste in my mouth looking over this thread after so much energy was expent by developers for this change to just be half addressed in a single post without any sign of the followup, despite the post saying it would be provided.

There’s probably been some massive hidden expenditure increases for ROBLOX specifically last year and this year which has lead to the hiatus on a DevEx raise. This would include the massive push required for ROBLOX to land in South Korea/China/Japan/etc. I completely respect if there was a reason like this, though we were never really given an actual answer as to why there’s been no raise in the first place.
Your original developer talent is growing a lot older now, and made up a large majority of popular ROBLOX games, if you want to keep them then you’re going to have to mature with them. People cannot continue to sacrifice opportunity upon opportunity if economic feasibility is looking bleaker and bleaker. People will start quitting if this is addressed but never truly amended.

I love ROBLOX still. Same probably goes for everyone in the thread. I am optimistic still!
Would be awesome to hear some more news at RDC :smiley: