In response to Developer’s Feedback on Developer Exchange

I’m going to be brutally honest here while maintaining my respect for the Roblox platform and it’s employees. It just plain sucks right now how the DevEx program is laid down, and the lack of opportunity for NBC users to earn Robux. A 90% deduction to any and all sales we earn? That’s really ridiculous…nor do I feel like paying for a monthly membership to make that number increase.

Dev Ex is a different story, and honestly, it’s a joke as well. I’ve been working hard on scripting jobs for people lately, and they paid me Robux via group funds as payment. This is literally as earned as it gets Roblox! I sent in a Dev Ex request as I just emailed somebody from the Dev Ex department concerning how many “earned Robux” I had. They said I had over 100k that was considered earned, so I was feeling pretty good about sending in a request. But of course, Roblox declines it again. And what do I get in the message explaining why it was declined? Because I wasn’t eligible. That’s LITERALLY all the message said. “Reason: not eligible.”

This is literally the most garbage thing I’ve ever seen, and I’m lucky to have done it twice in past years.


If someone is only buying OBC to use DevEx, then they won’t care how many groups they get to be in if their app gets rejected


Were you moderated at all in the past? I have some minor infractions from the past, but that doesn’t worry me. The thing that worries me is that I recently had this account terminated for an “unauthorized purchase”, but I was able to appeal it and get the account back. The DevEx system really should be more transparent about what will make you ineligible, because at the moment I really have no idea whether or not that moderation action will make me uneligible.


You are basing this off of “if.” I’m sure this user will utilize the other perks he paid for. Also, the user shouldn’t have to take the game if s/he knows what they are doing.

I was, but for minor things I can’t even remember. Nothing major, and also, I did get approved two times awhile back (and I haven’t done anything since then) so surely that can’t be the case.

I did email Roblox’ support as well, probably won’t even get back to me. It’s literally like talking to a brick wall…

“Reason: not eligible”

This is just…probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. That’s the only information that was in my rejection message from Roblox. ._.

EDIT: And obviously I WAS eligible because it let me send in a request, and said if I had over 100k of earned Robux I was eligible. :joy:


That really sucks. That’s the exact kind of thing I was hoping I wouldn’t hear because it shows just how uncertain it can be. They really need to fix that if they want any chance of new developers making great games, the uncertainty is a real putoff. They can at least tell people why they weren’t eligible… right?

Reading this discussion has lead me to come to the conclusion that Roblox still treats developers that devex like kids, kids who happened to make a game that brought in robux and wanted to bring in some money as a novelty. They don’t give you any real respect or treat developers as if they’re actually being paid real amounts of money other than the really huge developers. I’ve never DevEx’d and thankfully don’t need to pay any bills, but I sure do feel for the people that do need to pay bills through DevEx.


I completely agree with you. It’s unfortunate. And Roblox’ support team is literally no better…

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Okay but you’re still missing the point entirely here. The user cannot use DevEx unless they are a member of OBC - it’s the equivalent of “you can’t access your bank account unless you also subscribe to Lootcrate” like, yeah I’m sure they won’t throw away the Lootcrate but they shouldn’t be forced into an unrelated subscription to access their money.


That whopping 90% is a big deal for me and my brother (and I’m sure many others.)

I’ve had a few minor infractions as well, including Typos in Chat (don’t ask). But the way it’s set up feels like some stinky fake site somewhere that’s trying to seem like a legitimate way to get money (from playing games! or whatever) but whenever you try to do it, you see just how difficult the process is!
Maybe it’s just better to go take our business somewhere else.

I’ve heard SEVERAL stories of Developers struggling to get answers from Roblox, They have one of the worst Customer Service systems out there.
That image of kids making games for fun is exactly how they still seem to treat Devs. Even as they say otherwise. (I guess Actions speak louder then words?)


Yeah, that’s kind of what came to mind when reading through the terms of service and stuff for DevEx. Completely one-sided as others have pointed out. Anyway, I get around the 90% thing by being in a group. Even if your BC expired, but the funds are processed through a group (people buy gamepasses and such on a group game), you still get to take 70% of robux. I wasn’t even the one who made the group, my friend who has BC made it and gave me ownership.


I thought that if you are the group owner, you need BC in order to receive 70% of the revenue (for group games)?

No, as long as the funds go through a group game, 70% of the revenue still go into group funds. I’ve tested it in the past.


I looked at it and it looks like that other portion goes to platform taxes, funny enough. Idk where the actual revenue for that goes though

So long as you have a group, you will get the BC tax rates for all the group revenue


Man, I wish I’ve known this earlier. I could’ve made the game I’ve been getting sales every now and then on a group game…


Too bad there’s no way to just add it into group games. That’s unfortunate :confused:


Publish to Roblox. I think there’s a whole game option, as well.

I mean, I just bypass this by getting a friend with BC to edit the gamepass then save. You don’t always need to have BC for it to work just when configuring it.

Even if you don’t have BC while editing gamepasses or saving or whatever, as long as it’s a group game, you still get the 70%. While editing it will say that you only get 10%, but it’s wrong as long as it’s a group game. I’ve tested this in the past because that was confusing me, you still get 70%.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe there’s any way to transfer players’ data from that game to the new game. I can’t just erase all the players’ data. :sob:

There is; if you somehow make a webhook, you can have one game ask the other for the data, migrating a copy to the new game.

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