In Search of A Coder To Partner Up With to Make Games

Just to give you a heads up this isn’t formatted in a way that you might find in other recruitment topics. I just don’t quite know how I should’ve formatted what I wanted to say.

Hello, there. I am someone who’s been building and modeling on Roblox for eight years, creating places since 2012. For a long time I’ve wanted to make games that people would enjoy playing, though I’ve never succeeded due to the fact that I would need so much more scripting knowledge than I do to make the dreams become true. I’ve also tried looking for scripters in the past though my methods were inefficient. You can read more about my portfolio here [Builder Looking for Work [Seasoned Builder]] or send me an inquiry.

I am looking for a coder who is willing to partner up with me (or a studio) to script fairly advanced things such as datastores, building systems, shops and more. I want to work in a long-term project with this person as I believe it would give me and the person enough time to get to know each other as well as strengthen trust and will to work with me. It’s part of a plan I thought of to build trust, comfortability and to introduce expectations, so that one small project might be done and another larger one can be tackled more comfortably.
Other traits I would prefer in this person would be to have a strong will towards the project. I want to find someone who has a good passion for what they’re working on.

I’m still young and stupid, poor at that, and additionally formally jobless, so if I’m hiring someone I can not pay them a base payment. Besides, I want someone who really wants to work on my project and put some passion in to it. That’s how the best ROBLOX games were produced. I want to try my best to give a percentage of profits made off of the game. Up to 50-60%. I want to feel that I traded fairly with this person. I have enough robux (a couple hundred) to buy an ad that might introduce a few people to the game and boost it on the front page a bit. If I could get a higher budget for advertising I would absolutely whether that would be through donations or even the coder’s pocket.

Information About The Game
The games that I’m thinking of are tycoon-based, though different. The process of earning money goes along the lines of spending money to get money and the person can enjoy earning it. That’s the main point in the gameplay. There might be secondary objectives alongside the primary.

I want to push forward the fact that this game would be more for getting comfortable with the expectations as I intend for a future game to use a similar system, but have much more gameplay.

I also want to state that I want my games to feel much more enjoyable in a free-to-play environment than in other games in which all that fun is locked behind a paywall. Of course there would still be monetization, but that monetization would probably look similar to the likes of Build A Boat for Treasure’s.

If you’re interested in more details, in case my wording in this message was too messy for you, you can send me a friend request on Discord [Dev#4077]. I will friend you so long as I know what that Roblox user is, so I suggest leaving a reply here for notification. You could also pm me which would probably be better.

Thanks for reading. Constructive feedback is appreciated.


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