Inbox that shows applications constantly omits the majority of applications

Reproduction Steps
There is a huge problem on the site: I believe most creators who publish job posts are unable to see the majority of people who have applied to their position, and are unaware of it.
I have used the Talent Hub for creating several different job posts in the past 4 months. Every time I’ve checked the applicants of a job post, including my current one this week, the scroll bar section that shows the applicants is constantly being glitchy and prevents me from seeing everyone that applied. I know this because, if I scroll down to the bottom of the page and then back up, it will show me members that it previously was hiding. It is extremely easy to not know this fact, because as you scroll, new members generate but you assume you’ve seen all the previous ones, but this isn’t the case because of the bug. And if I don’t scroll around at the right speed, it will suddenly remove people from my view again. The amount of people that are omitted from my view are a majority of the applicants, and to reiterate, it’s not just the people who are at the bottom of the page as I scroll, no - it’s nothing like that. Regularly to view the available applicants at the top of my list, I need to scroll down to the bottom, then scroll back up to the top to see them, and hope that the page lets the newly shown people stay now, before it removes them again. I think very regularly, creators are viewing applicants without knowing of these glitches, and therefor they are skipping or not seeing many of their applicants entirely, on a large scale. This is not all though, sometimes, scrolling doesn’t fix the problem. Like right now for example, I have been trying to fix it for the past 15 minutes but I can’t, and am unable to view the 30+ applicants that I was viewing last night for my current Builder job post. Now I can only see 9. I have not declined them, and they have not withdrawn. I have tested this on Chrome and Firefox, same problems, over the past 4 months, it has been the same. Please fix this, it’s disabling and compromising the only purpose of the entire website - to hire applicants (and to be hired)

Expected Behavior
I expect to be able to view the applicants who have applied to my job post.

Actual Behavior
I am unable to view the majority of applicants that applied to my job post.

Sometimes scrolling up and down fixes it temporarily before they get randomly removed again a couple seconds later, sometimes they get removed so fast that I can’t get a chance to click on them when I scroll back up, and sometimes, scrolling doesn’t bring them to view at all and they just stay hidden.

Issue Area: Talent Hub
Page URL: Talent Hub
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-12-20 00:12:00 (-08:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-04-21 00:04:00 (-07:00)


@Vurse Thanks for the bug report.

Do you have a video that you could show that replicated this issue?


Here is a video. What’s happening is: I start at the top, only a few applications are shown. I scroll to the bottom, then more applications load above. So, I scroll back up, but then they go away again. I scroll back down again to the bottom, and then they load again.

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Thanks, we are taking a look at this

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Hey @Vurse,

We just deployed some performance improvements to the Inbox page, would you mind checking how the scrolling behaves for you now?

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It is performing worse for me now. What it seems to be doing now is looping, or dragging down the same applicants into my view over and over as I scroll. So I’m trying to view all the applicants right now but all I can see is the same 8 or so applicants. And the scrollbar is invisible now

Would you mind DMing me another video of the new behavior? I’m curious to see what you mean by its only showing 8 or so applicants (its supposed to load 20 results at a time).

We switched it to a more browser-performant style of list – a recyclable list. We also changed over the messages view to this too – not sure if you can see any difference when you’re scrolling through chat messages in a conversation?

I’m having the same issue, tell me if you want footage.

I am also experiencing similair issues.

I’m having a similar issue where under the Jobs I applied to section of the inbox most of my applications aren’t there and whenever I apply to a new job it doesn’t appear in my inbox. If you need a clip of it just let me know


Exactly what is happening to me too. This has been quite frustrating, as for about a week now, I haven’t been able to get any work done. If you need screenshots from me too, I am happy to provide.


I am also experiencing this extremely frustrating issue. Everyday, I am receiving email notifications from Talent Hub saying that I have a new applicant. However, on the site I am unable to see any of the recent applicants, and I know there are at least 5 that I’m unable to see.

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Could you DM me the footage? Appreciate the help!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks a lot for the constructive feedback and following up on the issue. We’re actively working on this, and if people are able to send any footage or screenshots please DM me the content.


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Experiencing this as well. It’s extremely frustrating as I quite literally cannot check to see if i got a response. Also once I got an update for a specific job and Roblox sent me 3 same exact emails at once about it.


Experiencing this as well. Sometimes no applications even load.

This has been a major issue for me, I hope this gets fixed soon because I could be losing some major jobs because of this bug.

oh, I knew there was something going on with my inbox, I was on edge because of this, thanks for posting this!

Same issue, I was talking with one person and now that conversation is just gone. In the picture, I have conservation open but in the side menu, it isn’t there either.

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Yeah I’m experiencing something similar. In fact before seeing Vurse’s video in this thread, I didn’t even realize that your meant to still see applications that were denied in your inbox. I just assumed that when you were denied, the application was zapped from your inbox. I’m seeing similarities in Vures’s inbox to my own, a lot of weird loading going on for nothing to actually pop up.

Also now that I check my emails, a lot of my applications have been deleted out of my inbox even without denials - some seemingly even removed mid conversation. Even if I click on the “View Application” button on most of my emails, it brings me to my inbox with a screen that says “No conversation selected” and an error box at the bottom. Sometimes it even brings me to the “Not Qualified” page, forcing me to log out and log back in even though I’ve been using the talent hub for a while now.

Pretty strange stuff, unfortunate that I may have lost some gigs over this. :sad:

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