Incident Report: Large Spike in Teleport Failures: "Attempted to teleport to a place that is restricted"

Thanks for the reports, we are investigating.




Same here, at our game: The Flash Universe the teleportation fails too, so we shut it down for now.
EDIT: Joining friends does work.


In Super Nostalgia Zone the same thing happens:

Hopefully Roblox will be solved soon. :neutral_face:


Players are reporting they can teleport in private servers but not the public ones.
Good luck 2blox2quit u got dis


Can confirm that whether or not you’re in a VIP server doesn’t matter

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Can confirm. Happens to me most of the times when playing Dungeon Quest.

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Can confirm: our game Attack on Titan: Universe is currently suffering issues when teleporting out of the hub

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It’s game analytics. I had to rewrite their SDK because it’s actually really buggy. I recommend you use the original module (which my rewrite is a fork of), over their SDK.


Thank you everyone for actively reporting this issue. It has been resolved by our engineering team.

Please let us know if you experience any issues.


What are you using for the data collection…? Custom or?

This issue is not resolved. I am still getting teleport failures.

Edit: There appears to be a spike of teleport failures whenever new servers are opened.


According to my playerbase, the issue is still taking place.

Still having problems as well.

Is there any particular reason why the engineering team themselves never respond to any of the serious issues that arise? It seems to be a job of developer relations to constantly relay messages which is of course better than nothing don’t get me wrong but for some serious issues that cause devestating affects on Roblox (like the previous “get any game pass free” exploit) I really expect some kind of Roblox staff input to explain what went wrong, what was effected and what we could do in the meantime to try to help be it more reports, repo instructions or to await patiently.

Getting a generic "The engineering team is looking at it" constantly for serious issues does frustrate very quickly. I hope this bad precedent doesn’t continue if we continue to have serious issues like these. Without valuable feedback and input from the engineering team directly it can be frustrating for a variety of reasons and lead to a total breakdown of communications, respect and trust.

I can also confirm playing a variety of games today this issue, sadly still occurs.


Issue has been escalated to engineering team, we are actively talking with them about the latest reports. If you experienced this issue please let us know, we have created a group message between engineers and the developers still experiencing the teleport issues.

We take these reports very seriously and do our best to document the root cause and figure out next steps to help prevent the issue from occurring in the future.

We appreciate your feedback, we can discuss it more through direct messages if you would like to. DevRel team focuses on developer communications which helps the engineers focus on primarily resolving the issue. As for the latest issues, the impacted developers were notified with steps we took to resolve it. If there are any areas of improvements we could work on the communication side please let us know, we always take our community feedback seriously. There is always room for improvement.


I am still getting these errors:


This issue remains unresolved


60+ teleport errors just today


I am getting these errors too:


We are currently working on this. We hope to have a fix for this soon.