Incident Report: Player Points API calls failing: HTTP 0 (HttpError: NetFail), My game is completely broken

Player Point API to get and set a user’s Player Points is completely non-functioning as of this morning. API calls return the following error: HTTP 0 (HttpError: NetFail)

This bug is seriously impacting my game, Miner’s Haven, which relies on the Player Point API to control progression, unlocking new items for players as they gain more points. With the API broken, all players have 0 points and are unable to unlock most of the items in the game.

Please fix this as soon as possible



The engineering team is reviewing this incident and will post an update shortly.

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The services are coming back online now.


Thank you so much for the rapid fix!

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Sorry for the necro-bump but I am currently experiencing this issue in similarity. It broke my some lobbies in my game and I’m going to have to do a full shutdown to fix the problem.


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