InCommand - versatile, adaptable command execution

Feature request with more info: (to avoid going too far off-topic here)


Fantastic plugin! After proposing my idea to boatbomber and elttob 2 days ago it’s awesome how quickly they put this together. Buying!


To answer your two questions:

  1. InCommand is only available in Roblox Studio, however should work in all different kinds of testing environments (including Run, Play Solo, Start Server, Team Test etc.).

  2. Code written in InCommand is ran as a function in a module script, simplistically speaking. This means that, while your code won’t have access to the plugin variable, you can still interact with plugin-level services and you have access to the same _G variable as in the old command bar and elsewhere. It also means that you don’t have to enable LoadStringEnabled for InCommand to work, and your code will run at full speed and have access to all Luau features including static typing.

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Is tgere u can make it free i can’t purchase it but its so cool.


Yes, having the plugin for sale may sadly stop most small developers from getting it… :sad: :robux_gold:

But I think it’s actually fair, since the creators need to get paid for making their work, otherwise, maybe they would have not ever spent their time creating the plugin to then release it for free, because their time is very valuable and it’s understandable to set a price to compensate all the time and efforts put into this plugin.

That’s my point of view to justify the plugin being sold. :thinking:


Agreed, but that’s not the primary reason it’s for sale :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re aware there’s a lot of interest in a lite edition of InCommand. However, we’re unable to provide a lite version or make the current version free because this plugin contains proprietary code from Lua Learning.

I mentioned this on Twitter earlier but it’s a good idea to state it here too!


Totally worth it. Can’t wait to get onto studio later to play around with the plug-in :star_struck:


Hey! We’re doing a bugfix update to fix a couple issues:

  • All scripts would be incorrectly marked as having unsaved changes. This didn’t have any serious implications; you just saw the ‘unsaved changes’ modal pop up a bit more often than it should have!

  • Changes to the saved scripts list made in Run mode (or more generally, other Studio sessions) would not be visible after returning to Studio. In limited cases, this could have led to minor data loss. (thanks to @Alvin_Blox for reporting this bug!)
    Now, it’s not just fixed, but enhanced; InCommand now monitors the plugin save file to see when the script list updates in any Studio session, and instantly refreshes. This means no data loss and support for multiple Studio windows open at the same time!

The update should be rolling out as I write this. If there are any issues, please leave a reply here, or let me or @boatbomber know some other way :slightly_smiling_face:


Love the plugin, will make good use of it.

A few suggestions I’d love to see:

  • An individual Run button for commands so that we don’t have to load commands that don’t require any change.
  • Collapsible folders to store related commands together.
  • Stored stats about commands, total uses, last ran, last total run time, etc.
  • Reorder commands.

All very good suggestions, thanks!

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100% recommend.
Of course, there are some things that need to be worked on, and features to be added, such as:
• When typing, auto-scroll the script-editor frame so that whatever you are writing remains on screen
• Ability to switch between lines using arrow keys

One cool thing to be added (which I’m pretty sure the studio editor does not have) is the ability to click a line number, and have it select the entire line corresponding to it.
(e.g. If the index number on line 86 was clicked, then line 86 would be selected)

If anyone has a document with commands ready to paste into the command bar, then download this. Writing code is quicker, and easier to edit. It’s all easily accessible, and overall a great plugin.

Good job, guys!


Really glad you like it! Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

Will definitely add this to our Trello.

This is something that Roblox really needs to handle. Support a feature request!

Adding this to our list as well, thanks.


Hmm, am I doing something wrong? Each time I hit Play it seems to corrupt the save and spams out “Unable to parse settings file for plugin”. Hitting Play even clears the saved commands permanently and won’t let me save any new ones. Here’s a short gyazo replay:


I’ll be honest; I’ve never seen an issue like that before!

Thanks for reporting it - I’ll try and reproduce it and, if I can, I’ll push out a fix asap.


We found the issue!

The issue is actually a pretty simple deadlock that only happens when you have multiple Roblox Studio sessions running concurrently (put simply, an environment where multiple instances of the same plugin are running). In the event that happens, it’s possible for InCommand to trap itself in a deadlock due to how script list updates are handled internally.

Luckily it’s easy enough to fix, so it’s rolling out now :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for reporting the issue; please let us know if this has any knock-on consequences we didn’t catch!


Are my ‘saved’ scripts supposed to disappear when I close studio?

I hope this is just a bug, as I was really excited to be using this plugin, but if my code doesn’t even save, then I might as well be using the regular command bar.

They definitely save. Can we DM you to work out what happened here?

Edit: Resolved in DMs. He simply hadn’t updated the plugin to get the latest fix. All good now!


I’ve already recovered it, as the main command bar saves previous commands.
Still feel free to message me though

Could you provide visual feedback that my code ran?

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Having snackbar popups for visual feedback is in the works already!