InCommand - versatile, adaptable command execution

I think there should be a button to rename a saved script without having to save again and delete the old script.


Good suggestion, it’s been written down!


Its great! But 1 day, will it be free?

Unlikely. This has been asked multiple times already, please read the thread before posting.


Small bugfix update has been published.

I fixed an edge case in the syntax highlighter, and Elttob fixed a few UI oddities.


Hello boatbomber. can you add support for getting the studio selection in the plugin please!

You can use this to get a table of all the selected instances in Studio.


This also works in plugin scripts, not just InCommand


i do actually use it in plugins. but is it really possible in InCommand?

Yes, it does work in InCommand, I’ve tried it before.


Oh thanks, i should’ve tried it before posting my question.


Love this plugin!
The normal command bar sucks, because it would save EVERYTHING that I run on it (it would get cluttered), its only 1 line which makes it hard to read, and it doesnt support script editor colors.
Most of the time I would do things manually because of these reasons

However THIS PLUGIN is SOOOOO much better!
I will definitley use this!

Thanks for making this plugin!!!


So, on that subject, how do your custom script editor colors work? I just am interested and curious.


The TextBox’s text, aka your code, is run through a lexer and tokenized. Then the tokens are iterated through and TextLabels are drawn over the TextBox to cover the colorless text with the highlight colors. There are various optimizations, such as not drawing TextLabels for whitespace tokens and only updating TextLabels of changed tokens, as well as simple object pooling.


Wow, and I thought it was pure magic. No kidding, I’m working on a plugin myself, I’m wondering how you store the scripts, so I think such a system is so cool (does it use data store? I’m really a noob when it comes to plugins or are you using “dark forces” this time? Ok, I will never make such funny sentences on the forum again, but it sounds really just incredible and yet it just works). I also wish I could be so smart :sob:.

So, I still have an idea of what you could add: You know, if we are writing something like this in normal/local script:
local CFrameTest = CFra --No, it's not a bug, read below

Then there is always a suggestion of what you want to write (autofill), and when you have chosen your suggestion and clicked tab or on it, the word is added by itself. So if that would be possible, then this plugin would really be better than the Traditional Commandbar (so the thing of the suggestions is really the only positive thing I see in the Traditional Commandbar, if you really manage to copy the thing of the suggestions, then I will change my phrase “… I see in the Traditional Commandbar” to " I saw in the Traditional Commandbar", but you’ll surely get it right I believe in it. If you see typos in my text, it is because I use a translator, well I can read English but not write, PLEASE DO NOT LAUGH OUT!!!).

So also this book ends, I hope you had a nice one with the reading and yes, funny white, it always ends like this when I ask questions + share ideas, maybe I really have a little problem with it…


My IDE for Lua Learning has autofill like you suggested, as well as automatic end block completion and automatic multiline comment/string completion. It even has live error highlighting.
However, because plugin source code is easily copied and stolen, I do not want to put my full work in it. It was a lot of work to do, and I don’t want people to take it.

I’ve spoken with Roblox engineers, and closed-source plugins are not going to be a thing for a very long time, if ever. However, if that changes, I’ll certainly put out my full IDE.


I mean if it’s something we’re paying for it seems odd that youd “hold back features” because you’re afraid of someone stealing your hard work.

Sorry to tell you but people can already do this with the plugin you released.

Yes, there are already leaked copies of this plugin. That’s exactly my point. I don’t mind them leaking a stripped version of my IDE, but I wouldn’t want them to leak my primary version that was nearly a year’s worth of work.


So when you create a plugin, can people just steal the internall code from our script, the plugin itself?

I already knew you could steal scripts and models from a game, but a whole plugin…

Some people are just plain evil, but that’s not likely to change, sadly…

Okay, thanks anyway for your answers! Thanks to you I learned a lot of new things in the plugin section and I think I will use them!

Sadly it happens and there isn’t much we as plugin developers can do. We try and keep an eye on it and we report any leaks we find as soon as possible directly to Roblox.

Code theft aside, it’s understandable why people want leaked stuff - not everyone has access to Robux - but it really hurts us when people do this because we depend on these income streams to keep things in motion. As it is, we only get pennies per plugin sale.


I have found a bug that makes it really hard to read any code while changing code that was saved.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the InCommand plugin.
  2. Load in a script that you had saved.
  3. Change some of the code in the script. This happens:

A few ideas for quality of life features that would improve the use of this plugin for me:

  1. The ability to rename saved scripts instead of having to delete then re-save it with the new name.

  2. The ability to drag the divider between the saved scripts and the script editor in case if I want the names of scripts to be easier to read. It’s also impossible afaik to see the entire name of a saved script, even hovering over it doesn’t show me anything.


  3. Categories that can be added and sorted by dragging in the saved script menu. You can drag saved scripts inside of categories. e.g. A category for scripts that you only use in one particular place.

  4. I think it would be desired for the frame’s focus to shift when the text cursor goes outside of the focus. Visual example:

Overall amazing plugin! It really does speed up development for me and is an invaluable tool for studio debugging. 10/10