Increase Highlight Limit

100 highlights would destroy low end devices, so it really is “for performance reasons” but a solution could be lowering the resolution of the outlines based on the hardware

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That should be left up to the developer instead of the game engine. Why does Roblox think they need to determine that for us? A game that doesn’t perform well will lose players, causing the developers to update it or suffer the losses of revenue. Why is Roblox trying to be in charge of a game’s performance? “For performance reasons” is not a valid excuse, as performance should be dictated by the game developer and not the game engine itself. That’s like telling Unreal engine to remove all realistic lighting features because a couple of mobile devices can’t run them properly. Completely backwards logic.

32 parts in a single model highlighted: only one instance used.

32 highlight instances for 32 parts: same effect but now we hit a limit.

This limit is arbitrary and does nothing but get in the way.