Increase the highlight rendering limit or remove it

As a developer, It’s currently too annoying to see highlights having a limit of 31 parts rendered with highlights maximum. This is very annoying for most games, for example if a game wants to add highlight to players, but it allows more than 31 players, some players wont have the highlight, Image of max rendered highlights:

A workaround? Insert a model and put all of the parts you need inside it, then insert a highlight inside the model.
While this hacky way works, There is a bug(or atleast, intended for models) with it. look:
Put highlight at every part u want:
And put highlight at model:



Pretty sure this is covered by the groups concept mentioned recently on a release notes thread. In general, developers will need a way to specify the group a highlight belongs to so we can avoid exceeding the limit. I imagine this is already coming though?