Increase the HTTP Rate Limit for Requests to localhost

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to sync code with external IDEs quickly. Every method to sync code with external IDEs uses HttpService to sync files.

If roblox were to address the issue, increasing the HTTP limit for requests to the localhost would allow these files to sync almost instantly instead of with the slight delay caused because of the lowish HTTP limit.


This seems like a feasible idea. Given that you are not going to cause anyone harm except for yourself by excessively spamming with requests while in studio, it may even be viable to remove the limit on that IP entirely should the service be used in studio.


I haven’t used the Http services in Roblox before so I’m not fully sure on their capability.

Is HTTP transmitable via Local Scripts?
I wouldn’t have thought so as I’d imagine you could potentially have millions of users DDoS Roblox with requests through many clients?

Or am I reading this thread wrong?

You can not send http requests within local scripts.

People could DDoS Roblox servers without being a client if they had the server’s IP address. Obviously, Roblox has DDoS prevention. (I hope at least)