Increase the Render Draw Distance Please

As a Roblox developer, it is currently hard to make large immersive maps because of the 5,000 stud render draw distance cap.

Red lines = Outlines of visible mountain range.

We’re currently limited to 5,000 studs of viewing range, and I know some of you are thinking “Why does it even matter if lower graphic settings reduce that”. This is more of a feature request pertaining to players with higher end computer (And actually useful when making in-game trailers). Its nice to be able to enjoy beautiful maps at max graphics, but the render cut off kills it in my opinion. If its a performance issue perhaps there could be a setting in the ESC. menu for users to manually bump up.


If this is something out of question because it’d be too much for players, I’d like a setting in the studio to change it for studio. It’d make developing a bit easier.


Yeah I agree, doesn’t affect me much atm, but when I used to build this really annoyed me, and I have made way too many trailers where there are things in the distance flickering in and out of view even though I have an i7700k and GTX 1070 Armour OC and 32GB DDR4 RAM


This is what prevented me from continuing an old fighter jet game of mine.


Perhaps you might be able to fix it using one of these settings?

Unfortunately none of those affect Render Distance.

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Some kind of camera property for camera render distance which can be edited would be very handy!

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YES, YES, and YES.

The lack of the ability to increase the render distance is one of the main limits which affect games with huge maps, especially ship/flight simulators. One can say “simply scale the game down”, but then, it will be nearly impossible to include regular roblox characters. There must be an option to change the render distance, to, let’s say, at least 10,000 studs.

Cough Or I dont know… 30k? :roll_eyes: Cough


This is on our list of things to investigate; if it doesn’t affect Z precision (hopefully it shouldn’t!) we’ll do this. Note that there will still be a lower distance on lower quality-levels.


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