Increasing the limit on Z-Index

In my experience, i’ve found that sometimes 0-10 isn’t enough for Z-Index. So, and i’m sure many people have suggested this before, we should increase this limit by at least 10 or something.

Really simple request.


What is it you’re trying to do in which 0-10 isn’t enough?

That was fast.

I have a system in my game that uses image labels cropped to create backgrounds, and this doesn’t always work well when I want to layer backgrounds with stuff inside them over each other. I just think that we could at least increase the limit a little bit, right?

Isn’t this already technically 0-100?

I’m sure you can move studs by one-hundredths rather than one-tenth?

Surely if you could, you’d be able to use scales of 0.01 rather than 0.1

He’s talking about this property here:

It’s not about Z-fighting of bricks in the 3D space.

IIRC there’s a performance issue with having lots of ZIndex values. I’m sure they could add a few more arbitrarily, but you’d still see people run into issues eventually. If ZIndex was per-parent though and not global, this wouldn’t be an issue at all.

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This no longer applies - we reworked the rendering code to not care about the ZIndex value too much. We could relax or remove the limit if necessary.


Even still I think per-parent ZIndex values would be beneficial. You would no longer have to worry about adding in a label to a ZIndex=2 frame and having it be layered beneath it.

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This excites me.

Remove the limit if necessary, you say? I don’t have any (currently) valid reasons to remove it, but that would be amazing.

This rustled my jimmies. Soon™?