Individual Inventory Visibility Settings

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard or impossible to prevent people from seeing one of your inventory categories while letting them see another. For example, if a developer wants his players to see models he makes, especially ones that are free to take, then he or she can just toggle visibility for the Model category. If the developer wanted to prevent players from seeing his mesh collection, then he or she would just disable visibility on the Mesh category.

I think a great solution to this would be either on the Inventory page’s settings or where the current inventory visibility toggle is, which is in the Account Settings page. You would have a drop-down menu or a series of checkboxes you could check or uncheck, and those correspond to their category.

The reason for this is because maybe some developers (including me) want to let users view shirts or pants or decals, but not let them see models, audio, or meshes.

I made a quick mockup of the checkbox list.


I’ve made a post very similar to this regarding inventory privacy issues: Option to hide meshes from inventory

It makes it very hard on clothing designers who would still like to keep their clothing visible, but other content private.