Indoor Dynamic Environment Maps Beta

I tried this out in one of my projects and it looks really cool!

The only problem that I have with this feature is that you need to flashbang yourself to see these reflections but other than that, I really like this feature. : D


Amazing ROBLOX moderation, keeping the site tidy as always. :+1:t2:

My frustration aside, does ROBLOX think the textures are just a transparent image where you put it on a dark surface and it displays a hidden message?

Anyway, the textures are from this site.

Edit: Guess I won’t be doing this for awhile until ROBLOX fixes that, uploading from studio or the site gives the same result.


Edit 2: At least I was spared from getting attacked with another account warning.


I haven’t encountered that problem when I uploaded some Metal textures like that (032 to be exact)


  1. PBR textures are, unfortunately, broken right now, due to a backend upgrade of SurfaceAppearance.
  2. If you are uploading the same file, try changing the file name to something like “Metal.png”. It’s dumb, but Roblox moderates File names.
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backend upgrade? what upgrade all Ive see are downgrades.

So, we are still preparing for backend upgrade and this is not done yet. In theory, PBR textures shouldn’t be broken. I am interested to learn about the problems you are having. Can you please make a bug report?


looks realy cool can wait touse this

This currently affects areas in my game negatively; one in particular, the Entity Area, looks much more bland and loses almost all of its reflections with this enabled.

Since we’ve been asked to provide screenshots and whatnot, here is a comparison of before and after.



I can provide a rbxm file to staff members who request one.


Well sometimes colormap fails to load upon opening studio and the same can be said for roughness, normal, and metalness maps. Usually it’s one or two, never all at once. I don’t have any examples at ready, but that’s the gist. Also can you guys please look into Sharpened Alpha Coverage for the Transparency AlphaMode on SurfaceAppearance? Things like bushes, trees, etc are extremely fuzzy at the alpha cutoff on any graphics setting below 8 which I don’t think is fair considering alot of people can’t run with graphics that high. I have a reply about it on the backend upgrade post.

I also want to add that my studio freezes when I apply PBR textures to a mesh part.

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I just purely crash. never happened before

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On my old laptop I would stutter a lot. Only way to stop it is to reopen studio and it’s nice and smooth. I think this happens on low end devices cus my old laptop is really slow and my new computer is a lot faster.

Doubt that tbh. My laptop is fairly decent. Also, normally, I don’t lag on Roblox studio.

Looks amazing, this has improved my map a lot.
For me, the environment maps do update kinda quick (about 2-5 seconds), however I wish it updated slightly faster. (Tip: just shift your camera everywhere until the env map shifts. I guess the env maps only transition on camera movements.)

Also would like to have “adaptive envmap resolution”. Right now the environment maps look like garbage, even when barely going close to them. Would be cool to see the resolution update to lower-res from further distances, and higher-res up close, sort of like a level-of-detail system.

Aside from the few things that are irritating, this has greatly improved the quality of my maps.


You will need a pbr texture or a more shiny and metallic part in order for ENV to work.

as they said, this Dynamic ENV map thing thing is still in beta, so not everything here is perfect, nor is it’s final product. Expect changes for the better.

Modify a Region3. It is a volume.

That video uses RTX as a buzzword. It uses reshades ssr feature NOT ray tracing.

Yeah hey Roblox, a way to disable this would be appreciated. It seems a lot of people aren’t feeling it, and unless you do real-time reflections(which for understandable reasons can’t happen, at least not for now) it seems it wont be good enough for a lot of people either. This should 100% be something we can disable should we see fit because I don’t want it either. I have a hallway of different kinds of metals (sci-fi hallway) that can be bright or dark(intended) depending where i walk and how long i’m there and where I look.

This is it brighter

Walk in a little bit and suddenly it looks as intended(sort of)

It is also very jarring watching the light change in dark rooms. I’ll send an example of an unfinished unlit room and how much you can literally watch it change as you walk in

Before you enter

When you go a little farther

Keep in mind I didn’t change anything between any of these pictures, this is all changing in front of me as I walk around. So in my use case, I would rather have the option to just disable this as it is not going to be a helpful feature to me. I do like the update, I think it needs work, and I think it should be optional along with almost every visual update you guys do, I don’t believe you should be forcing any sort of visual settings on the players or the developers causing weird effects that a simple toggle could fix.