Indoor Dynamic Environment Maps Beta

Sorry about that. We have removed most components that can affects scene brightness greatly. Could you send me a place file that can reproduce the overbright issue? Thanks.


It’s all good, it’s just that I feel teased in a way seeing the hackweek with proper global illumination than this.

And yes, ill pm you the place file.

Thank you for the response always appreciated it!

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We’ve removed diffuse lighting from the indoor environment map. Now it works only for reflections on smooth objects. Lighting.EnvironmentDiffuseScale no longer affects this feature. EnvironmentSpecularScale continue works as a controler. Set it to 1 for full power. Set it to a smaller value for less impact.

Now it’s live in studio beta and games with Lighting.Technology set to Future.

Known issues:
We have bad sky visibilty if you use MeshParts as room roof/walls. This can cause light leak into the room and you can see reflections from skybox instead of the room. It may also cause env map not updating in the room. We’re working on improvements.

Edit: Disabled because of a bug. Will be fixed soon.


But what if I want to have shiny metal, FIB3 without EnvMaps? Could we please have a toggle?

I really hope this wasn’t because of me complaining (and overreacting) about reflections being tied to the Diffuse Scale. :grimacing:

I’m sorry.


This is currently affecting how my game looks severely. How come there is no toggle for this at the minimum? We did not build our game to match Roblox’s automatic and unpredictable indoors reflections, nor is it something we can feasibly do. There needs to be an option to disable this. It’s ruining the aesthetic of our game.

Before / After



I would bring more examples, but since this change is being forced on both studio and in-game, I can’t take screenshots of how most looked before.

I’d also like to note this is currently affecting our average visit length / concurrent player count. This goes against our game’s aesthetic and makes it feel different.

Edit: Our game has a “blackout” mechanism that can be enabled for events, and it is currently ruinned by this forced lighting reflections. Every thing becomes slightly visible, which ruins the entire point of the blackout mechanism.


As a Developer I can also agree. How can Roblox expect their updates to ‘work’ if they aren’t compatible with all games. And even If It isn’t at least give an option to toggle it on or off. This is outrageous and should be dealt with.


The reflections look really cool but is there a way we can turn this feature off? I’m having issues like where the metal gets intensely bright like neon and I can’t seem to figure out how to fix this. My game relies on the mood lightning for a specific feel and its being disrupted by objects getting randomly bright. I’m hoping this gets fixed soon!




Nice feature, it improved the look for my game.


Wait, this is being forced?

Suddenly those 3 rant posts I made about this aren’t seeming so crazy…

I’ll admit, some of the things I said were rude and unnecessary, but I had a point.


That’s just skybox diffuse lighting. EnvMaps are supposed to improve the look of indoors. If you want to see it take place then you need to be inside a building.


It suddently started working nearly perfectly, despite being something made by Roblox lol. The only issues I have are the fact that they’re indoors only and the fact that they don’t reflect SurfaceGUIs, which I use alot in my games to make glowing ad billboards and such:

also surfacelights still have broken specular, valve- i mean roblox pls fix

It should also be able to be disabled, since it can bother sometimes.


It works great now, and I’m actually really starting to like this update. Only fix I would suggest now is an improvement in image resolution.


Has this been moved back into beta? Currently not working in studio.

We we’re loving it on Ultimate Driving.


Still works for me in client with many Players. Setting Graphics Levels higher than 2 seems to fix issues with it not appearing for me. By the way, I love the way it turned out for you! Was the PBR Texture made for private use or is it publicly available? If it is a public asset, do you mind sharing the direct link to it here so that we can also get our models to look as good? Peace :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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We just have the metalness set to pure white and the roughness set to pure black. Not ideal but we weren’t expecting indoor reflection maps to go live. The trick to get it working is in the lighting settings and scene setup.

Color makes a huge difference too:


I was in the middle of working on making it a little bit more nuanced and when I noticed that it wasn’t working for me in studio of in the live game, and indoor reflection map was back in the beta settings.


Thanks for the clarification. I am still a bit confused but will create my own maps for metalness and roughness then I suppose. If Roblox moved this update back and disabled it on clients, it would definetely render many games to having that static skybox reflection indoors and will ruin the realism sadly. Hope they do not do that and listen to developers for once, this was a really cool update in my opinion.


Follow up question, now that I’m in studio, how can i edit this property?
I checked the beta features section and nothing regarding this was there

You spelled it wrong. Its game.Lighting.EnvironmentSpecularScale

Seems like the biggest issue isn’t even the huge light you need to get the slightest reflection. It’s the quality of it. It’s almost impossible to get the angle right because it seems to generate a random position every time it renders. Unions and meshes have very poor quality in the reflections, and the ball I’m using to test it manages to appear in the reflections of itself.