Infamous | Devlog #1 | Idea and planning

Infamous Devlog #1!

What is Infamous?? (I'm new)

The gameplay is similar to that of Survive the killer, and Darkenmoor.
A round based system commences where one player is chosen to be the killer.
They will take the form of a random famous roblox player.
They will get a special ability based on who they choose.
In survive mode, players simply have to stay alive for as long as they can, each player can choose one of three tools, a bat, a shield, and a slow-reloading gun.
In Escape mode, players are running through a mansion full of doors, the doors open and close every 10 seconds in a random order, so some are open and some are closed.
Get out of the house to win.
In raid mode, the “Killer” is in their lair and the players have to get in, break through his defences and beat him, grabbing as much loot as possible.

Hello, friends,

Today is the first devlog for a small experience I’m creating! In this devlog, I will be outlining the plans I have for this game, what resources I’ll use, and what I’ll start with.


Since it’s a killer game, and I’m a pretty bad scripter, I’ll be using lots of free resources for the scripting.

SimpleImport - Multi-purpose avatar importer! [1.0.0] - Resources / Community Tutorials - DevForum | Roblox
To import the famous people’s avatars to morph the killer into them

How To Make A Round-Based System - Resources / Community Tutorials - DevForum | Roblox
To make the killer round-based system.

How To Make A Random Map Picker - Resources / Community Tutorials - DevForum | Roblox
To make the random map picker.

Poly-Platform: OPEN SOURCED [3D platformer engine] - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox
For a cool movement system.

I’m still not sure how I’ll make the weapons and the special ability each “killer” has.


I plan on doing all the builds myself.
I’ll go for a low-poly cartoony style with a dark tint to it.
To start with I plan on making three maps.
Each map will mainly consist of a large building surrounded by a simple outside area.

The maps will be:

Haunted mansion (obviously). interior: haunted house style objects and decorations. Exterior: overgrown garden with tangly bushes and huge trees.

Creeps asylum. Interior: white walls, creepily clean, asylum style objects and decorations. Exterior: courtyard.

Future Mall. Interior, broken-down mall from the future age. several shops with differnet themes but all broken up. Exterior: street.


I’ll be modelling all the assets myself. Using my mediocre knowledge of Blender and low-poly assets as well as my imagination to produce unique tools. Expect some funky-looking weapon skins!

GFX and thumbnails.

I’ll also be doing this part myself. I’m fairly good at GFXs. I was thinking a simple “robloxian being chased by people” look.


There won’t really be many “effects” in this game, however each type of killer will have a special ability be it a projectile, the ability to turn out all the lights, or even teleporting all player to the Shadow Realm!

UI and gui

I’m not bad at making UI. I’m not the best either, fortunately this game won’t need too much ui so it’ll be a simple task.


I’ll be most likely using open-sourced animations since I’m a garbage animator, and my animations end up looking like bad mocap.
Thankfully I won’t need too many animations.


I’m not sure about this one. Roblox is adding a new feature where you have to upload all of your sounds, and since I’m not verified, I guess I should quickly plan out which sounds I’ll need and upload them at 10 per month.

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Where should I start?
  • Building
  • scripting
  • modelling
  • ui
  • sound
  • animation
  • GFX

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Thanks to @ItsPlasmaRBLX for the neat devlog layout.


Great idea! But I’d recommend just one thing:



i feel oddly honoured to have my resource here.

sounds like a cool idea, it could use a lot of work though. I recommend not using too many resources as it could lead to a somewhat negative view of your game.

i hope it goes well!

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Either make the tension super high or make it a chill game. Never in the middle.


I don’t think GUI is a simple task. You must script too, server → clients.

Anyway you are planning to cover 95% of all areas, congrats and keep moving on!