Infection Scripts not Showing but Still there?

Hello there!
So I have recently found a plugin that added in viruses to games, and now it is still adding the same two scripts into serverscriptservice and replicated storage, even though I uninstalled them. I don’t know why it is happening, and these scripts haven’t done anything to my games before. I can’t identify any root source or script that could be duplicating these scripts, so any and all help is much appreciated.

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If you still have a plugin active that injected the viruses, consider reviewing each plugin and check its creator. Do not skim over the name and click the link to each creator directly from the plugin page.

Go through every single one of your plugins and make sure they are all made by the legit creator and don’t have any malicious code.

The problem you are having seems very similar to one I was experiencing a few months ago.

What happened was the plugin edited some of my scripts that I had made and added a random comment to them, which happened to hide require scripts inside of it that couldn’t be read (this would explain why the problem still occurs when the plugins have been deleted).

Please check out this person’s post as it may be a solution: Backdoor hidden inside text unreadable by the ROBLOX editor.

Also, are you getting any strange things in Output, such as requests to turn on API services?

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