Infinite data store

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I want to ask you if its possible to create infinity data store. If yes do you know how or have some ideas ?
From logical view its definitely possible.

Also reason why I want this is store orders

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It’s not possible to create an infinite amount of data stores, as it’s not even possible to get close to infinity
Theoretically you can create as many datastores as you would like but reaching infinity is impossible

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of course infinity is imposible to reach but also thank for response and answer, so I can save so example 1B keys with data ?

1 Billion different Keys

I think it’s possible but there is a DataStore Limit on how many Keys you can save per minute etc.

Can you explain further? What you mean by this.

Follow good data practices and you would never need your data profiles to exceed genuine data limits.

This may or may not be the most recent increase in data limits for classic DataStore. Your data key can hold 4mb of data before it hits DataStore’s per-key ceiling. Whether new limits will be introduced alongside of DataStore 2.0 I’m unsure.

Following good practice in writing to a key can also help to avoid throttles (60+#players * 10 in all writing instances, whether UpdateAsync or SetAsync). I recommend giving a full read to the wiki’s documentation on DataStore if you’d actually like to understand why an “infinite” data key is illogical and unnecessary.

There are always other options when it comes to Data (HttpService, DataStore 2.0, MemoryStoreService). However; when it comes to data, no matter what you use, proper data etiquette and practice are required based on what service you have decided to write to.