Infinite Fun Captcha on Login page

I has this problem too.
I don’t know why it shows infinite captcha.

For some people who still are stuck on this, I managed to fix this by resetting my password, which allowed me to log in automatically. DO NOT attempt to log out again, because it will put you through the same problem.


This is still happening.
Though for some reason this worked: opening inspect element and going to mobile mode then refreshing.


This is still happening and it’s incredibly hassling to make a new account because of this. I hope Roblox would fix this issue as soon as possible as it’s been here for quite a while already and is quite annoying. This has a detrimental effect to my making of test accounts. Roblox, please fix this as soon as possible.

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Bumping this topic. I’m locked out of my account because of the infinite captcha, and I haven’t found a way to get around it.


You can reset your password to get into your account.

I figured that out, but that is not an acceptable solution to this problem.


I once got an impossible 50 animals captcha.


Bumping as this issue seems to be back again, but not as severe as before, as far as I can tell I could connect from any of my residential IP addresses, but nonresidential seem to have issues again.

I fixed this by disabling all my chrome plugins. Hope it works for you too.

I encounter this whenever I am trying to post something in a group or login, it is very annoying.

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I accidentally hit “Sign out of all other sessions” on my phone, now the verification has me locked out. I don’t know what to do, I’ve been trying to log in for almost half an hour now.

Make sure to clean your cookies, if this dont work then try to connect with an other navigator or the roblox application.

Huge issue, it happens to me all the time. I usually switch browsers to Normal Chrome, as I use canary. It only fixes once the browser updates. It is really annoying.

Hahaha I encountered a similar problem, except the captcha was 7 long, and I failed one of them, and had to keep restarting. Sad life :frowning:

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Same here, but only for signing up. I get 10 captchas that always fail on any browser or device. Been having this for like a year, kinda annoying but at least I can log in still lol

Someone showed me this same issue today. The only difference is that logging in on the roblox home page doesn’t work. I don’t have a video record to show it but it looks like the exact same as you recorded it.

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Well, I have similiar problem, I never get succes on captcha and I have some likes on images

I used to have this problem too, it fixed when I turned off my ad blocker (Avast).

Edit: Make sure you allow an ad service called DoubleClick

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