Infinite Terrain Plugin


Create Local Script will create a brand new script that has

  • More stable FPS
  • Not have strange bumps underwater
  • Unload terrain / models (remove the commented line at the bottom to enable unloading)
Water heights of
-7.999, -3.999, 0.001, 4.001, 8.001, ...
will have better transitions from water to land

Any tips and tricks on how to make a beach like this?

Clamping,by lowering the last varieble lower than 0.5 you are going to make it more flat,also try and create a big sized noise with small magnitude or if you want steep ocean,big magnitude but clamped the top

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Create Local Script will create a brand new script that has

  • improved loading priority so if your moving quickly terrain will keep up better
  • unloading will no longer create holes if you set a low unloadDistance value
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Hi,Suphi, your code is very clean, which shows that you are a very talented developer. I have modified your source file and added the prompt text. I hope this will be helpful for your next update! Below is the effect and the source file I modified
InfiniteTerrainVikEdited.rbxm (31.4 KB)



with the release of parallel scripting infinite terrain now uses multiple threads to load faster and smoother

Create Local Script has been replaced with Setup


Pressing the setup button will create a Terrain folder in ReplicatedFirst

inside this folder you will find a Configuration folder where you can customize how the terrain generates

and a Data folder where you will put your TerrainData, HeightData and MaterialData


  1. ActorAmount
    How many chunks of terrain will load per frame each chunk is loaded in parallel more actors will make the terrain load faster but consume more CPU

  2. ChunkSize
    The size of a chunk, each voxel is 4x4 studs so a value of 16 will generate chunks with a size of 64x64 studs

  3. LoadDistance
    If each chunk is 64x64 studs and LoadDistance is set to 16 that will generate terrain at a distance of around 1056 studs (64 X (16 + 0.5) = 1056)

  4. UnloadDistance
    works like LoadDistance but unloads chunks if set to 0 unloading is disabled

Microprofiler with 16 actors

Microprofiler with 2 actors


Hello! because i can finally talk in the devforum after a long time, this is the best roblox “Drone” shot i have seen, looks amazing, may i ask how you rotate the camera and make it look like a drone?

I have a drone simulator that has real drone physics RO-DRONE - Roblox

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This is a very nice plugin :slightly_smiling_face: I would recommend adding Procedural Biomes to the infinite terrain or Biomes randomly put in place made by users using the plugin.

If I manage to make V2 that should have biomes

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I added this line to the local terrain script
and this fixes the problem of the terrain first loading at 0, 0, 0 when you first enter the game

simple press the Setup button again to create the new local terrain script

Uhhhhh, what are these holes exactly? Following a YouTube tutorial, copied all it’s settings (the ones that weren’t in the video i just didn’t modify) and this is what i get…?

it looks like you have not set a material to go above that height if you show me your material settings I can tell you wants not set correctly

Those settings are from a YouTube video, I copied them to Roblox Studio (but removed the leafy grass because I don’t want leafy grass). I think it has something to do with that now that I think about it since the flat parts of the terrain are the ones missing, so I’ll try to add it and i’ll let you know if it works

If you delete the leafy grass then you need to change the 2 to 0 on the grass material so it can fill in the flat areas

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it looks very cool. I would use this except i dont like Roblox’s terrain system.

If you don’t like the materials it’s possible to use the material service to change the textures of the terrain

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its not aesthetical reasons. I don’t like Roblox’s terrain system because it has considerable lag when you are near constantly creating and deleting voxels, I have also found some artifacts are left behind when removing terrain.

I personally have not experienced any of this if you want to demo the plugin you can test it here: RO-DRONE - Roblox

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Does anyone know how I would make just one lake form in the center of the generated terrain?