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What is this? And how do I get rid of it? It is causing me lots of lag, my ping is consistently 1.5 or more! I come across it about 1/3 of the times. When I don’t see the message, my ping is usually around 0.3s

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This is not what’s causing your ping to be higher.

After a certain amount of time without finding a child, WaitForChild will output this warning. The larger/slower the game you’re playing is, the more likely this is to appear. What’s causing your latency issues is not this warning, but the game itself.

The weird thing is that the ping issues go away as soon as I rejoin. Most of time it doesn’t happen.

From personal experience, I believe the Roblox client caches some content in the games you’ve recently played, but don’t hold me up on that. If it is the case, that means you do not have to load every single asset when you play the game for a second time, meaning faster loadspeeds, meaning less latency.

This is probably not the cause of the problem, but a symptom. It seems to be a regression of a previous bug – see this thread for more details. Feel free to respond, but make a valuable contribution:

  • Link to place this is happening in
  • Does it ever happen in an empty baseplate published to the site?
  • When did this start happening?
  • Are there any errors in the Server Log?

Keep it objective and try to avoid speculation. Locking this thread so we don’t discuss the bug in two different topics – please direct future discussion to the linked thread.