Infinite yield on chat service?

So I open my game and I start seeing this in the output. Infinite yield possible on 'Model.ChatService:WaitForChild("ChatService")'

I have gone into many games. And I always see this. Could it just be a Roblox Engine Bug? Is anyone else seeing this? All help appreciated!

Yes I do use plugins.


Are you trying to get the chat service? If so why not use


No, this isn’t a bug, or even anything to necessarily be worried about. When something yields, it’s basically just waiting and pausing whatevers going on, so an infinite yield may cause an infinite pause in that certain script. Now, this normally isn’t a cause for concern, especially if the plugin doesn’t interfere with the game and instead is an add-on to your studio.

It was UI plugin I found. It dosen’t really break anything though. But thanks.

Sorry for bumping, but could you tell me which plugin it is, I have a lot and I don’t know which one is causing it