Information and Rules - Chronos Science

Chronos Science Corporation

General Information

Welcome! Chronos Science Corporation is a Roblox group owned and founded by Clandestine9. It was started as a solo project and aims to provide fun games and community to users across Roblox.

Chronos is the official group for the following games:

The purpose of this document is to provide further clarity on the background of Chronos, rules players are expected to abide by in-game, and a resource for questions about the game.

To read the game rules and for information about appeals, scroll down. To learn about frequently asked questions, visit this devforum post: FAQs


  • Always abide by the Roblox Community Rules.
  • Exploiting is forbidden and will lead to an immediate game ban. Appealing a ban for exploiting is unlikely.


The official game rules can now be found in the new game menu.

  • Note: AFK farming experience is against the rules.

  • The administration team is restricted to staff and moderators. To report admin abuse, join the CSC community server.

Military Facility Tycoon Rules

  • No spawn camping or spawn killing


There are two options for appeals (based on your age).

(Click here if you are 13 or older)

You can find the invite to the Appeals server in the social links here.
Join the community server, then look for the Appeals link in the rules channel. You must be at least 13 to join. (This is part of the Roblox Community Standards, linked above)

(Click here if you are NOT 13 or older)

If you are not at least 13, feel free to reach out to a moderator on another platform or through Roblox messaging (NOTE: It may take longer to process appeals that are submitted outside the official appeals server.)