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Frequently Asked Questions

To read the game rules and for information about appeals, click here. To learn about frequently asked questions, continue reading. For the link to our community server, look on the CSC Roblox group page.

Military Facility Tycoon 2 & MFT 1


Where are the tycoon secret vault codes? Missile launch code?
Both codes can be found on the computers in the command room. Codes are randomly generated each game. The missile launch code is in the director’s office.

What do I get by rebirthing?
Rebirthing resets the tycoon and gives you a currency multiplier. You also unlock models like the rooftop laser cannons and the laser fence upgrades. A more in-depth list of rebirth upgrades can be found pinned here | REBIRTH INFO.

Where is the WARHEAD keycard?
The WARHEAD keycard is still in the same area as MFT1. It’s in the Director’s office. What keycard could open the door in that closet?

Where is the fallout shelter?
The fallout shelter, aka Site 02, is found in the central forest. Also, there is an emergency exit should you decide to stick around after the doors close. You get a cash bonus for surviving in the shelter.

What does the radar dish do on top of the facility?
The radar dish must be activated before using the missile launch system. Without it, the system cannot acquire the satellite targeting device.

What does the purple drop teleporter do?
The drop teleporter gives a slight upgrade, but is mostly aesthetic.

Do gamepasses carry over from MFT1 to MFT2?
Gamepasses do not carry over from one game to another.


Where is the first secret vault code?
Well, first lets thoroughly examine the clue. the code is Stored somewhere on the second floor of the main building. Looking at each word, we see that only one is capitalized. This is not a typo, but it’s still hard to notice. The only word starting with a capital letter is Stored . That is intended to point you towards the storage room on Level 2. From there, the code is located on one of the green crates (stand in the corner of the room to see). The code for the first vault is 1397.

Where is the second secret vault code? This one is a lot easier to find; however, the code is different for every facility. First, make sure you have bought the Server System in the command room. Interact with the proximity prompt on the open server rack, and then wait for the computer screen to change. This is where the code will be displayed. The code for the second vault varies.

I meant the cash codes! Those can be found in the game description or in the dev-announcements channel of the community server.

How do I launch the Warhead?

  1. Power startup. Find the WARHEAD keycard in the D-01 Vault near the director’s office and scan on the reader at the console.

  2. Push the power button while it is yellow. When the countdown is done, the prime button will begin flashing yellow.

  3. Push the prime button when it turns green. Then, the arm button will begin flashing yellow

  4. Push the arm button when it turns green. Klaxon sirens will sound.

  5. Push the final button to activate the warhead sequence. The countdown will begin and the alarms will change tone.

  6. The warhead sequence can be terminated but can be escaped in the Site 02 fallout shelter on MFT2 or the blast shelter on SL3 in ESCAPE.


Where do I get the Door 01 & 02 codes?
Doors 01 and 02 (surface doors) can be found on Level 4. One of the codes is on the centrifuge control console, and the other is on the Project Stepback servers.
Door 01 is 9874 and Door 02 is 2165

Where do I get the Door 03 code?
Door 03 is an exit door. Go through the maze to get the keycard for Level 3 and use this door to exit (instead of doing the maze again). The code is not important .

Where do I get the Door 04 code?
In the Level 3 server room, where you get the Level 4 keycard, watch the computer screen or notice that one of the structural columns rises into the ceiling.
The Door 04 code is 5520

Where do I get the Level 1 and 2 keycards?
Go to Project Stepback on Level 4. The Level 2 card is on the control desk in 2031 and L1 is in the 1998 cavern.

How do I get Administration team?
This team is for the Moderators and Developers only.

How do I join the Security Officer team?
Buy the Security Officer gamepass or tryout for the team in our community server.