Input Lag When Using Integrated Graphics

I have been stress-testing my game by turning off power to my laptop, shutting off the graphics card and forcing it run off integrated graphics. When this happens in variety of other Roblox games I’ve tried, the FPS drops to 24-34ish but the game remains playable. When I tried this in my game, the FPS stays at 40-50ish but there is instead an intermittent 0.5 seconds input lag to all actions - include actions like the access the main menu, or interacting with the micro-profiler.

Does anyone have any information as to why this might be, and why it only seems to be in my game, despite it maintaining a higher frame rate?

(Game: REV// PUBLIC BETA - Roblox)


What games were you playing in which the FPS dropped but was still playable?

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Driving Simulator, Jail Break, Emergency Response


If it wasn’t for the fact that your game was failing to operate at the same levels as those others, I would simply say that your pc could be adjusting to the loss of its graphics card and having to compensate with the Integrated graphics.

Which of your games is having the input delay delay?


Update: I have been directed to this thread, and I think this identifies the problem. When I unplug my gaming mouse, the input lag issue stops.