Install Gametest Versions Separately

I do believe this is a feature that many developers here would absolutely love. We all love testing the new features which will soon be coming to release, however having to overwrite our default ROBLOX install is extremely annoying.

Of course, this is not a high priority thing - however having separate ROBLOX installs would be greatly appreciated.

Example of how often I download -

So much support. It’s annoying when we have to redownload each version every time we want to switch.

Much support from me mainly because I operate on an internet speed that you would’ve seen in the early 2000s…

…and it takes forever to update ROBLOX because whenever the client updates instead of just updating the necessary files it re-installs the entire bloody game.

Joins game

VOICE CHAT BY MAD STUDIOS [size=2](I think that’s what it says)[/size]

loud unnecessary crazy music

I don’t know if this will help the issue until ROBLOX allows for separate installs, but after I’m done installing a gametest, I copy the studio folder to another folder I have in ProgramFiles (x86) called RobloxStudio for later use. Right now, I have Pre-2013 Studio, 1st version 2013, Studio with CSG, and Studio with Lighting (gametest), and I can open any of them whenever I’d like without having to “update” my primary install of studio again to test.

Another thing I really want is to move back to the normal roblox website, rather than robloxlabs.

It seems that my internet security, as well as 100% of the people I link gametests to, alerts saying that gametest is a virus. I can’t prove to people that robloxlabs is indeed a roblox-owned website, and I think the fact it’s on robloxlabs trying to access stuff from is what makes it appear a virus.